Full Moon in Aries. Libra Season 2018

○FULL MOON ★ Aries. The Cardinal Fire Moon. This lunation is ruled by Mars & heavy on the Saturn. The weight of both malefics on the Moon is not a crowd favorite. Luckily Aries is up for a challenge. It’s champion vibe could be a bonus when Mars wants to keep burning the trash & Saturn starts in on the harsh critiques. The stories of violence & violation being shared RN are not a coincidence- it’s just the current AstroWeather at work. Activated self healing can become the healing of all. If you’re without a story to share you’re tasked with being a witness. Being seen & heard after years of silent suffering is powerful for a victim. You don’t need to speak back. Just validate. They can heal that wound on their own. Notice how it changes you to witness their healing power. As I mentioned earlier this is also a Moon for our boys. All the boys. Inside each of us is a little boy. Holding space for him can help to move us past our rage to actual change. Oppressors are made not born. Taking responsibility for all the parts of a culture is hard but it’s our collective task. Notice the stereotypes you believe in - you might not know this but they are probably connected a #metoo moment, ie: Boys will actually NOT always be boys. Dad doesn’t ever need to clean his gun. Teenage boys ARE kind, decent humans! Stop generalizing & get to know peolple. Being our unique selves within our collective is possible. Let Aries show you what’s fantastic about YOU. Let Aries help you be proud of the glorious fire inside you. Let Aries hold you while you examine your weaknesses, while you learn to build new muscles. Let Aries show you how you ARE a warrior. Let this Full Moon burn up self doubt, shame, fear, regret. Release this shadow energy to make room for your true bravery. This WeRK may feel impossibly hard RN. Let Aries show you that the toughest also cry. To be truly brave you must be tender & vulnerable. Look at your Aries house & Natal planets for more info about your Aries tools. Notice the little boy inside too. Don’t let him be a casualty of this war. Stand up for him. Because he is absolutely worth it. We need him. ♥️u babes!

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