Moon in Virgo: Virgo Season 2018

Moon in Virgo. Organization, digestion, analysis. This Moon changes signs just as Virgo is also Rising. With the Sun also in Virgo that makes the first hour hour of this Moon cycle a triple Virgo powerhouse. Last night you may have dreamt of organizing literally everything OR you may have had nightmares of struggling to find your lost list of tasks. The Virgo Sun is in opposition to Neptune in Pisces. This can be very confuuuusZing. You may have to push harder today but it’s wise to avoid Virgo’s shadow of perfectionism during this Moon. The larger transit of Neptune in Pisces has been been swirly for Virgo Season for quite a while now. One would think we’d be used to it -but- with this triple threat of the Virgo Sun, Moon, & Rising happening WITH Mercury in Virgo Naptune makes for a challenging process. EXCEPT with magical WeRK. Today is an amazing day to organize your magic, plan a ritual or commit to a new divination practice. You may reveal a new tool or skill you didn’t know you had (more likely a woo tool that you did KNOW you had but you haven’t embraced it as really real yet, hmmm?) We may see a secret revealed that makes a larger change within a relationship today too. Watch for any hot or touchy vibes with/from your loves, it’s not a good time to nit pick, make "suggestions" or issue judgements; that behavior will prolly not win you friends or influence people. Best to try to stick to self analysis or working with your own magic. And hey, the New Moon is tomorrow at 11:01 am PST so today is prime time for setting intentions and planning a ritual for your New Moon Manifesting. Working with Earth & Water is ideal in this cycle. Making art or writing a spell is highly recommended for this Virgo magic WeRK. Where are your Virgo & Pisces houses? Check in on those themes & it’s likely you’ll find info about your unique magical gifts. Need help finding those houses? Reach out. More to come on the ingress of Venus into Scorpio, Mars into Aquarius AND the New Moon too. Love you babes. You’re so worthy of all the magic in the Universe babes, take care of you today ! 💋💋💋

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