Venus in Scorpio

Venus is now in Scorpio, Mars’ house. Venus is also in a tense square with Mars RN too. This is the preshadow period of Venus’ Retrograde cycle. She will station Rx on 10/5. Now is the time to look at Your Scorpio house for info. The themes of this house may bubble up into your relationships. And, while Venus can be the stereotypical Hallmark card thangs (lovers, romance, etc) she is also so much more than that. She is ALL of our relationships, even our relationships with things, money, values AND the self. She wants to relate & connect. She wants things to be lovely. She wants to elicit emotions. She is art, beauty & attraction. In Scorpio she can go deep into the dark side of relationship feelings. Jealously, obsession, neediness, irrational reactions. She is currently in a T square with Mars & Uranus. This means there is a great tension with Mars, the planet of war, sex, aggression, passion and heat AND she is in opposition with Uranus, the planet of deviation, shocks, revolution & change. Of course the basic AstroAlgebra here is: watch out for battles in your love life that lead to break ups or sudden changes. But while you’re researching this transit in your self study don’t forget that this transit also has the potential to bring you the power to change something that isn’t right in ALL your relationships. Things hiding in the deepest dark may rise to the top of the blood red waters of Scorpio. This WeRK is deep AND valuable. You are worth it! I will be offering a special Venus Rx session next week. This is a great time to go deep into Astro so please consider scheduling a session to work with this transit. I hope to see you soon. 💋💕♥️

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