Moon in Scorpio: Virgo Season 2018

Moon in Scorpio. Wade into the waters of power. Seek empowerment here. Know your value. You are valuable. This cycle is always deep but when Uranus moved into Taurus it got electrified. Jupiter has been here for almost a whole year & it was recently joined by Venus in Scorpio too. It’s possible a revolution is coming. And that revolution is prolly femaleAF. Look at your relationships to & with other women. Consider how you feel about Scorpio shadows: jealousy, envy, obsession & possession. During this Moon (especially with the Sun in late Virgo now) you may see these themes pop up; & they may pop up messy. Check YOUR responses to this & notice where you find yourself enjoying gossip or cutting down other women. See if you’re focused on the skin of the world, try to go deeper. Scorpio can bring up feelings of fear & resistance. There is great power here because of this signs connection to creation & compost. This is where death AND birth reside. We all must work to be here with less fear. Fear is the tool of the overlords. The vulnerable were made suspicious of each other in order for the powerful to rise. They said we needed their protection from other. The willingness of the Queens & Kings to do anything for power was scary enough that we believed them. Now, as the Moon conjuncts Venus & stares across the universe at Uranus I invite you to cast a new spell for the vulnerable. Whisper, “I love you. I love you all so much. You’re safe with me & I am safe with you” It’s always good to cry when the Moon is in the water signs. Today may bring an elevated need. Cry until you laugh babes. We are ok. We can change, we can evolve. We can bring the feminine & the masculine back together. We can reclaim the power of creation together. Start with noticing, move to calling out & then to reaching out. Do everything with your feelings proudly out in front. We all deserve to be together, safe & whole, in these waters. Check your Scorpio house for ways you can do this Magic Spell uniquely & personally. We all need to bring our own magic individually to the collective for these shifts to occur. I hope to see you all in the water. Love, love, love you.

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