Moon in Sagittarius: Virgo Season 2018

Moon in Sagittarius. Seeker of truth, knowledge & adventure this may be a time to pick up a new book or take a short trip over the weekend. If you can’t do that it’s a good time to make a plan to do so soon. If you can at least get together with some friends to socialize or to discuss deep topics or recent growth that will probably feel fabulous. This Mutable Fire Sign doesn’t like to sit still so it’s a great time to take a movement class or to go out dancing. You may be called to do some soul searching & meditating around a truth that was revealed during the last few days (or weeks). That Scorpio Moon was a bit intense with its revelations for quite a few folks so if you feel a little tender this is a great time to process. That jolt may show you a surprisingly good tool for rebuilding a new structure or for utilizing an old, forgotten resource in an innovative way. There is power in the truth, even tho sometimes its arrival is painful. Trust what you’re learning has your best interest at it’s core. Sagittarius is a deep thinker who wants to know everything. Watch for the desire to run from obligations or responsibilities... this can be a shadow for Sagittarius- well, in our culture it’s a shadow. Take stock of the things you really don’t feel aligned with & take this time to see if you can release that in a way that doesn’t have the potential for chaos or harm for others. I hope you find some time to dance or move around this weekend; your best ah-ha moments will likely come when you’re shaking what your mama gave you. I am starting to book sessions into October now so if you’re hoping to get a reading I recommend getting in there & scheduling now. The equinox is coming on 9/22. The shift of the light is a good time for a session AND it’s time to start planning for 2019 too!! 😱 I love you babes. Be well & just a tiny bit wild during this Moon if you can. 💋

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