Moon in Sagittarius: Leo Season 2018

Moon in Sagittarius. Adventurer, spirited optimist, life long learner. The Moon may ask us to be curious about our faith in the truth. The black & white comfort of science can be a crutch, even a disability for humans. When the Moon is in the sign of faith, knowledge & higher self we may struggle to connect with the truth of our hearts when there is so much out of alignment in the world we see. Mercury Stations Direct tonite (aka: It’s the end of Mercury Rx 🎉). Because this planet of beliefs, thoughts & communication is in an exact square to Jupiter, the truth seeker & ruler of Sagittarius there may be a chance for us to speak the truth of our hearts clearly. It’s possible that a truth will be revealed to us. Look to your Leo & Sag Houses for this reveal. Mercury has been doing it’s editing & review since 7/6. Look back to that time to see if there is a truth (or a lie) that needs to be seen. Today is a powerful day to express. Get with friends & discuss what’s been up for you the last two months. What a hot summer it’s been! Make art, write, draw, talk. Act on your feelings if you’re called to. Watch for where you repress or resist you instincts today. We’ve been thru a lot in this eclipse cycle. So much purification, release & overwhelm. Today has a lot of potential to deliver answers to your questions about how to process it all. But don’t think that you’re gonna do that in some traditional way. Today asks for creative solutions, divination practice & weird innovations. Stop doing the same things. Think about what you’ve been thru, how you’ve WeRKed & what values have changed for you since late May. These lessons may have been rough but within them there are powerful tools to heal from the past. These tools are likely now present in your Capricorn or Leo houses. Take a look to see if you can reveal a hidden resource or talent you’ve either always overlooked or devalued. Again, this is a great day to spend with your truest friends & loved ones, they need you- you need them. Tell your story, listen to theirs. Have some serious fun in the Sun. Sagittarius needs to get outside to see new things & move. Take a hike babes. Love you!

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