Moon in Libra; Leo Season 2018

Moon in Libra. The balance, the strategist, the mediator. A sweet home to Venus, the Goddess of relationships, beauty, love & objects we treasure. After surviving this intense summer roller coaster of purification fires & bizarre jolts we have a chance to get some synchronicity & perspective-if we stay open & alert to it that is. There are three trines happening now, two of them are exact tonight and thru this Moon in Libra. Trines are sweet aspects that invite the planets in a cosmic 120° dance to see each other’s best side, to send their best vibes & to potentially get some good out of what will soon become a square aspect between these same planets. We tend to not notice the times of ease & quiet in our lives. Our culture brushes past that too often. Over the next two days I invite you to consider this tendency to be hyper focused on the BS. Try to find the points of productivity, progress & pride that ARE present after all the chaos of the last two months. Enjoy the lull. Notice what you’ve healed, built, grown, changed or found amid the things you may have lost or broken. We live in a cycle. All. The. Time. We cannot be in the light until we go thru the dark. The compost is required to grow the best fruit. Balance is a never ending cycle of work. These three trines love you babes. The cosmos is bringing gifts. Lean into this idea & try to accept them. Look at your Libra house for where you might find the most sweetness right now. Be kind to yourself & to others, as always. I love you babes. I love you so much.

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