Moon in Scorpio: Leo Season 2018

Moon in Scorpio babes. The deep, dark waters. The caverns, the compost, the kind of caring that soul mates feeeeel. Scorpio, misunderstood & scorned in a culture that values fire & air over water & earth. Notice how you try to think your way out of your feelings during this cycle. If you’re not certain how you feel thru this weekend it’s an epic time to turn to divination to guide you. Check your Scorpio houses, but also Pisces too. We’re in the watery waters. There is a strong trine still engaged between Jupiter in Scorpio & Neptune in Pisces. Mystical truth, magical expansion, totally disembodied exploration of the underworld. Whoa babes. Whoa. The Moon will oppose Uranus while you’re sleeping tonight and square Saturn shortly after. What will your dreams show you 😬 You might hesitate to remember or record them but I encourage you to look at the tense, jarring or shocking details if you can. Remembering that dreams aren’t meant to be literal messages. Do some dream research & some symbol exploring. You might miss something super juicy & deep if you don’t give it a try. Scorpio transits can feel scary & exposing, especially with Jupiter there. That big gas ball brought us #metoo and now that it’s almost done with it’s cycle of clearing out our darkest closets we may begin to see how these cleanse & release process cycles are a gift to us. The Scorpions ability to compost & to squeeze out the very last bit of juice is precious & needed. So needed. Swim out into the waters of your feels babes. You’re safe. You’re worth the time & attention it takes to heal & grow. Scorpio won’t let anything bad happen to you. Hold your feels up to the light. All the WeRK of the last two months can reveal it’s gems during this transit- if you’re willing to just doggie paddle out there & trust the Universe loves you. If you need help, reach out. Share here if you have Q’s (or join my FB group if you really wanna start a Scorpio Moon AstroChat. (Picture me rubbing my hands together in anticipation of THAAAT joyfulness! Yessss!) I love you loves. So much.

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