Mercury Conjunct the Sun

☿☌☉ ★ Mercury conjunct the Sun. It’s been a confusing Virgo Season. Lots of false starts. Loads of amazing ideas that just won’t click. Electric insights that feel like “signs” to move forward only to burn out as quickly as the lit up. Frustration to the max babes! But today brings the potential to actually see the missing connections & solve the puzzles, mazes & riddles. The mist may clear away. Use this time wisely & resist the urge to overwork your brain. Make new patterns from what you’ve learned about the cycle of work, rest & PLAY. It’s the last full day of Virgo Season so take some time to commit to a healthy flow between these states of being. It’s possible to overstimulate your self too much. This can lead to restlessness & lack of sleep tonight. Losing sleep removes the usefulness of feeling reconnected to your brain. You don’t want to lie awake thinking of all the things. Also, you’ll never catch up on that long list of undone tasks from the summer. Let go, delegate, ask for help. Don’t let yourself fall back into the guilt cycle. Libra Season is coming. Review the messages & themes of Virgo to see where you HAVE made healthier choices & where you still need to practice balance skills. Prepare to release the bad habits during the Full Moon in Aries on Monday. Reach out if you need help finding this info in your chart. Download the Libra Zine for more info on Libra! Love you babes!

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