Mars square Uranus

Mars will begin it’s last square to Uranus today at 4:00pm PST. This square will be tense & active until 9/20/18. It will likely have some residual effects for the rest of the September but since it’s been a huge part of the hot transits since May we are doing big WeRK here. Check into your Taurus, Aquarius & Leo houses for where big change may have appeared in the last four months. Shifts that are sharp and sudden are potentials of a square between the planet of aggression and the planet of chaos. Sometimes the best remediation is patience. Of course that’s a challenge when everything is so jolty & hot. Our anger, rage, frustration & desires are important feelings too. Don’t try to suppress or resist these energies. They have messages. They are also not good when trapped in the body. Channel them out & truly hold space to see them. Slow down, especially when driving. Notice when others are getting too hot and resist the urge to encourage them to stuff that because it’s making you uncomfortable. Learn the art of listening to others when they are struggling. Watch where you teach others that their feels aren’t valuable. Instead invite them for walk & talk session. If you see strangers exploding give them some space but watch for your judgements on their expression- there will be a lot of messages for you in your reactions. Reactions are likely. Those responses are big messages this week. Be brave & gentle with your self & others. You’re worth the calm & patience needed to reap the greatest good from the end of this longer cycle. My mantra: I release all the things that no longer belong to me with love. Letting go is hard but you are strong & worthy. Congrats for all you have released & learned here too! Don’t forget to own your pride babes! You’re doing great!!! I love you boo!

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