Moon in Libra: Virgo Season 2018

Moon in Libra. The mediator, the general, the balance we seek. What is the human condition? Libra seeks to truly know this. Why do people need people? Where does the line between a healthy & unhealthy exist? We’re currently debating about ALL THE lines, it’s hard. What are boundaries, laws & rules for? What is justice for all? Balance is not a destination it is constantly tedious, tiring & magically delicious, rewarding WeRK. I invite you to ponder the American Dream concept today. Consider what it means to have the right to dream. Is that really even possible? How do you work towards your dreams? Are you persistent & flexible? Do you adjust easily? How does it feel to create space for your dreams when other people get involved (or get in the way?) Notice where you’re stretched out of balance by others during this Moon cycle. Can you honor the places where you’re off kilter? Noticing that place with tenderness & grace may actually reveal what you need to do NOW. Allowing the rebalance your goals & the goals of others takes time. We’re a stubborn species. There has been a lot of square peg/round hole, coulda-shoulda-woulda, misfires & nonsense around us all for quite some time. Don’t keep doin the same thing expecting different results. That can bring broken teeth & tears 😬😭. Your dreams are worthy of time & attention but remember, reaching your dream is not your right. Sometimes we need protection from what we think we want. Allow the blocks that come some time to present their case to you. Listen w/all your senses. Trust that all will be perfectly played, eventually. Check your Libra House for themes & notice if those themes correlate to where you have/lack balance. Reach out to others for help & support; offer that back whenever you can. Little things could be “HUGER” for the next few days -it’s a great time to practice deep breathing, meditation & stretching until it’s a ritual. Don’t hold anything IN. Libra’s shadows include passive aggressiveness- yikes! Instead try this: Talk-WeRK-Wait-Look-WeRK-Wait; Repeat. This practice of process never ends Babes. It’s the beauty of life. It’s ‘The Love of Libra’. Be sweet & brave today. Love you!

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