New Moon in Virgo: Virgo Season 2018

New Moon in Virgo. I do hope you caught my Virgo Moon post yesterday? Lots of good tips in there for the 🌑Moon Magic potentials of today. The New Moon was exact at 11:01am PST today. Have you done your magic yet or are you waiting until dark? Certainly you’ve noticed that there has been a great amount of frustrating confusion the last few days. Did you get into any weird arguments or disagreements? Were you more annoyed than ever by people in general? Do you still feel that way? Welp, that’s what the current weathers are bringing. I suggest you sit down & think about what the feels of the last 7-10 days have shown you. What have you learned about self love? Have you noticed how your physical body reacts when you verge off the course of your Radical Self Care practice? Have you let go of all the things you’re behind on cuz it’s likely you’ll never get to them anyway?! Notice how it feels to surrender to that truth (if you can...?). You cannot do it all in a day. This cycle seems to be teaching us how to use what we have right now. We likely gave up a lot this summer. Back in spring we prolly thought we wanted these things to go away- but we may have felt surprised by feels we didn’t expect or know were there when the loss was real. This Moon (& the last week really) are asking you to take stock, innovate & finally (really, really) let go of ALL that no longer belongs to you. Notice the nuances of today. The change in the light, temps, colors & animals. What is changing? The season is shifting & so are you. Set intentions around these changes. Notice how it feels to KNOW you deserve the best possible care. If you can’t write out your intentions try drawing them. This Earth Moon would love to see your creative imagination in action. Communicate in a weird, unusual way & an elusive answer may finally come clear. Practice divination. Create a new ritual & practice committing to it. Notice everything. I love you babes. You’re totally doing everything perfectly, I promise. 💋

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