Moon in Capricorn: Leo Season 2018

Moon in Capricorn. Ambition & Work. Work & WeRK. This Moon will line up with Saturn overnight so for me that means dreams of organizing & planning. If I can even fall asleep without going thru the 1000 things on my todo list a few times. Watch for these Goat behaviors, as well as overworking, exhaustion, resentment & forgetting how to say NO. Cap’s shadow IS completely ignoring it’s own needs in order to complete a task or rise to a new level. Check in on the boundaries you’ve built around radical self care during the last year- stick to the self love routines babes! You’re worth it! The WeRK we’re doing in this house is gonna be big for the next two years. Don’t rush past the details but don’t get bogged down in them either. Check in on your Capricorn & Cancer house themes to see where you might be in for some real structure building, commitment, & mastery. Now is the time for you to initiate a big change in your resources, values & self worth. That change could show up when you take some time to really ReWeRK a plan or project you started back in May. You may find you’re called to face some cracks in a relationship’s foundation OR to put some extra effort into a new relationship over the next few days. Notice when/if you start to take on tasks that are either not yours or promise to bring you overwhelm. (Say it with me, “no.” You may want to practice that one). No matter what work you’re called to ReWeRK during this phase you may find a secret power if you let some of the recent cloudiness & daydreamy ideas & images come forward. The messages that come to us when we feel like nothings flowing or everything is blocked ARE important. Capricorn can get impatient when things stand in their way. Notice where you get irked AND why. Don’t push aside your feels to add another ✔️ to your bullet planner. This Moon may bring you a few chances to try to REWeRK your bad habits, let go of some fears & step more fully in your power... if you trust the truths you’ve discovered over the last two months of purification you may win here. Prep your Full Moon releases from the vibes of the next 48 hours & you may coincidentally learn to work smarter, not harder. Love you goats!

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