Moon in Capricorn. Virgo Season 2018

Moon in Capricorn. Work, work, WeRK. The sign of ambition, career & structure. It can also be described as the government, a corporation or our traditions. A system is built & it must adapt to change to survive for long- Capricorn doesn’t really like change. However, when faced with a difficult task or a pile of ruble this energy is tenacious & ALL business. Good in a crisis this is the energy we need to make the much needed changes in the world. Watch for issues that come up at/in work over the next 2.5 days. Do feelings belong at work? What is a work life supposed to be like? Considering most of us spend more time at work than we do at home, at play or at rest it’s important to consider the cultural expectations of WORK. Is it healthy? Does it provide what you need to survive OR to thrive? Does our culture value hard work or easy money more? Why is this question important now? Are you proud of your work or do you get by with it but you’re actually dreaming about something(where) else? We’ve been learning about deep loss, pride & self worth over the summer (and perhaps this last year). This Moon may call us to seriously look at where this learning process revealed tools intended to help us with our work (or is it our WeRK?). What are you hoping to accomplish in your career? What challenges & risks stand in your way? How can you change what you value so you can move towards living your best life? Can you ask for help to figure out what you really want AND then go for it? Having WeRK that makes us feel healthy, wealthy AND wise should be our cultural system for valuing work. We have to build that system. We have to say that all work is valuable. We have to make life sustainable, it’s not owed to us. Survival of the fittest is NOT how humans got here. We evolved thru collective WeRK. It’s inflated ambition, ego, pride & greed that steered us wrong. Capricorn wants a system that is strong, powerful AND sustainable for all. Look at your Capricorn house to see if those house themes are related to how you work (or WeRK). How can you improve on your systems so they encourage growth & thriving- not just surviving. How can you help others do this too? Your WeRK matters!

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