Moon in Aquarius. Virgo Season 2018

Moon in Aquarius. That’s so weird. This revolution is legit. Decisions are logical, well measured, sudden & often completely off their rocker. But, they work! The Fixed Air Sign does have feelings (I promise!) but they process all things very quickly. If you grab a hold of the Water-bearer’s energy during this weeks intense transits you MIGHT be able to download some of the messages that have been written in an alien code the last few months. You MAY get the insights you’ve really needed but it’s likely you’ll have to think outside the box to fully grasp them. This energy is innovative & fast. The lighting strikes quickly so you must want to know the truth of the lessons in such challenging times. It’s ok to not be ready to process your WeRK yet. It’s ok to take a pass. It’s ok to try again next time. There WILL be a next time. Life is a cycle & the last few months have definitely felt like constant false starts & spun out race car tires. If you’re tired, say so. If you’re unable, state it. If you’re have tons of energy but cannot for the life of you figure out where to put it all, tell someone- maybe you’re the key to their lock! Aquarius connects, networks, collaborates. It loves to brainstorm & often it’s wild suggestions are the best solutions. It’s already passed over the Mars□Uranus transit BS by now so you may now be able to process the shock & awe. The last few days were, laugh-until-you-sob kind of days. If your angry, own it. Aquarius is the coldest Sign making this a great time to really deconstruct your feels & thoughts (separately of course). Crazy cool & quirkyAF- that’s the vibe we’re in now. Make the most of it by being a full on freak, fly your flag! Look at your chart. Your Aquarius house will tell you the best places to wild out the next two days. Shock each other in a funny, fun way. Surprise someone with a gift or note of encouragement. Ask a friend to lunch TODAY. We’ve had a lot of the #nofun surprises for too long now. An Aquarius surprise maybe just what we need! I am making it a fashion thang- what weird thing will you do? I can’t wait to see! From my Aquarius heart to yours, “you’re so f*cking weird!” (Now say, thank you!”) 💋

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