Virgo Sun Season 2018

Welcome Virgo Season. The Sun is our will & purpose. When it changes signs we definitely feel the shift in our hearts. The last two seasons were all fire & feels. It was a whirlwind summer of trial by fire. We lost things. We may not even fully understand all we’ve let go of...yet. But as the Virgo light enters our eyes & as it reflects it’s light off of the Moon over the next few weeks we may get more clarity. That doesn’t mean we will always get more ease or comfort. As we fully analyze & distill what we’ve been thru this summer we may have some grief, rage & shock to process. Don’t resist facing it. Virgo is here to help us organize & make use of what remains. She heals. She seeks a better way, the best way thru to growth. She can assist you in finding the greatest good in the darkest realizations. Watch where you allow her shadows in: perfectionism, self criticism, judgement, guilt. That’s not the purpose of what we just went thru. The Sun will be in a very supportive Grand Earth Trine with Saturn in Cap & Uranus in Taurus. This is a time to get yo-self together. Commit to a grounding practice until it IS your ritual this week. Decide that your Radical Self Care is healthy & do it like it’s your JOB. Notice your boundaries, some of this recent pain like I built new ones. Be proud of your WeRK. It’s time to take stock of the truths you’ve harvested this summer. Discern for your self what is valuable to carry forward, discard the rest. Cleanse. Know that Virgo wants what’s best for you but sometimes she doesn’t actually know want that is (especially if you’re being indecisive!). Use this Earth trine energy to declare your devotions to the Universe. Let Virgo know what is healthy for your life now that you’ve let go of so much. Notice that all that releasing made room for new magic to grow. Plant the fall bulbs of your healing in this season & make time to rest. It won’t grow if watched. Don’t force the cycle to move faster than it’s meant to. You may feel super organized but do not REorganize the whole house. Balance life’s demands against that devotion you’ve made to you. When you really commit to this kind of living you’ll see your true potentials shine. 💋

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