Moon Void of Course

Moon Void of Course in Aquarius from tonight until the Moon moves into Pisces tomorrow night. This period of the cycle brings vibes for beautiful process bases art making, journaling, daydreaming and playfulness. It’s not a good time for important decisions, making agreements or initiating new thangs. These voids typically happen between each Moon Sign change but this is a longer one so it’s a good time to notice where you’re feeling a little weird. Prepare for a little cloudiness, distraction and zoning out tomorrow. Take the time to meditate, ground, and connect more with your magic instead of doing high concentration or organizational tasks. This may be hard to explain to the Virgo Sun- but save yourself having to do it all over again anyway- trust me. Prep your Full Moon Magic for Saturday night- the moon shifts full at 4:56am PST- pretty sure you’re not gonna wanna wake up then. Please go have a little fun tomorrow babes. Love you.

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