Moon in Taurus; Virgo Season 2018

Moon in Taurus. Resources, values, a stubborn streak. There may have been a sting that set off a stampede today. Notice how you responded to this event & what sudden changes it may have brought with it. It’s likely you’ve learned a thing or two about letting go in the last few months. This Moon has been bringing the big upsets & shocking shifts for a while & it’s one to watch carefully as it could bring you some indicators of where big changes are coming over the next few years. Check your Taurus house for more info on what areas of life this might be sending jolts to. Keep track of each time the Moon saunters they here; maybe you’ll see patterns emerge. This Moon highlights what we value. Sometimes our nostalgia feels like value. Check in on what your resistant to let go of when the Moon is here. Your old ways may need to shift but see if you’re being stubborn even when forward motion is the obvious solution. The past may be bullying the present to stay the same, stay safe. Innovation is prolly what’s required, even tho it’s painful sometimes, change is what’s best. If it seems like you’re losing control look to your Capricorn house for tools. You could find new ones OR you could finally see the usefulness of the old ones you’ve just been devaluing. Change is always just about to come. If you stay fluid & aware it may not hit you as hard. If you WeRK to accept that change is inevitable maybe it would take less time to see the reason it happened FOR you? Just a thought. Reach out to your strong friends to make sure they’re ok. If you’re the strong friend ask for help already. You’re worthy of the support. I’m here if you have Astro questions or need help finding the bull in your chart. I love you bovine beauties. Have a sweet Taurus Moon time.

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