Moon in Pisces: Virgo Season 2018.

Moon in Pisces. Magic IS real. Pisces knows this. Pisces is magical, mystical, the mist. The Moon moves into this mutable water sign RN, just before it becomes fully Full at 4:56 PST tomorrow. This lunation is an opposition between the Sun in Virgo & the Moon in Pisces. It invites us all to exit the Woo Closet. This week has been about coming out & standing in your magical power. Speaking the truth about your beliefs involving the great mysteries may have been a big theme. We may also have found we have a deep curiosity to learn more, practice more & be more magical in our daily lives. The current weathers hold a great amount of power to make a shift but only if we activate them. Shift your values around the healing effects of magic, spirituality, & divination to see them become important resources in your life. Devote time for more of this woo vibration in your daily life. Change your relationship to all things magic. Seek the truth thru this new gateway. The potential for this mental shift to bring you fully into your purpose & power is huge. Watch for where you become fearful tho. Your fears could be centered in Virgo shadow- fear of judgement, loss of respect or even the fear of abuse or oppression for your magic can come up. Check in with those fears. They could be ancestral. Also notice how this brings up messages about those who are oppressed because of their race, sexual orientation, spiritual beliefs RN. Can you stand up for them? Can you support them? Does your magical blooming make room for them? Check your Pisces/Virgo houses to prep your Full Moon releases -peep all your Earth houses (Taurus & Cap too)- for all the places to drawn down the Moon’s Magic to assist you in your healing, growing & WeRK. I have big work to do here, do you? What are you ready to release? How are you planning to use your magical powers for good going forward? Do share your dreams with us all in the morning- the potential for them to be epic is epic. This is a sweeter cycle after all the fire but don’t forget to record the happenings during the times of ease & joy too. We tend to notice the hard time’s messages- these have value too. Love you babes. Sleep well! 💕

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