Moon in Leo; Virgo Season 2018

Moon in Leo. The heart, the ego, the pride. This Moon need affectionate attention. Here kitty, kitty...Whew babes! These weathers are just plain weird. Today may bring some clashes of egos. Your dreams may have been frustrating, disturbing or just plain confusing last night. Take a moment to scan your feelings before you react. Watch out for hissing, back arching & folks with their ears back. They are probably grouchy because they are afraid. Give them some space & let them feel their feels. Pressing for info or change today may bring in unexpected results. Even when you think your understand what’s what it’s possible that you’re still wrong. Encourage waiting & listening with the Heart today. Not a stellar time for making big decisions but definitely a good time to use all your Radical Self Care skeeels. Share the following message with others who are showing signs of distress, “I love you so much!”. Even if you don’t say it out loud- remember it when others have their claws out or when they act out impatiently. These weathers have messages for all of us so- be keen, be brave & be here now if you want to catch them. I love you so much. Reach out if you need some more word of encouragement! ♥️ 🐈 🦁

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