Moon in Gemini; Virgo Season

Moon in Gemini. The debater, game master, & chatty-chat-chatter. Gemini’s shadow is arguing to win regardless of facts or truth. Collecting information without verifying it. The power to create a system based on beliefs isn’t always the best way. The air signs can bring logic, ideas & a keen ability to analyze & process info. This can be a time when thoughts become things & feelings become facts. Notice where you’re called to debate on or to validate your feelings. See where you struggle to make a decision because of an ethical or moral snag during this Gemini Moon. It can be a good time to sort out issues held up by emotions but it’s not always a good time to decide what to do about that issue. Lay out the facts in your current situation, look at them but don’t let this Gemini Moon make a choice for you right away. Look at your Gemini house for indications of where this WeRK may show up over the next few days. This sign is ruled by Mercury so we may see some Mercurial themes too. Communication, thought process, belief systems, information overload. Notice where technology & innovation come into your life over the next 48hours too. If you’re perceptive you may unlock a new level in your game. The Zodiac is a cycle of polarities. Our WeRK is to find a balance between the constant swings of energy. Taurus is Fixed Earth so we’ve been in a space of material objects & tangible emotions. We’ve been focused on what we physically have & feel. Gemini’s vibe takes us out of that groundedness thru the mind & hands & into a electric current of energy upon which information flows. We may have busy minds & busy hands. We want to examine & experiment. If you want to use the shift of the Moon cycles wisely you can practice holding some of the energy from the Taurus cycle (patience & awareness of the physical body for example) while you move into Gemini vibes. Don’t fully become a logic machine, instead blend the energies slowly as the ☽ moves thru Gemini. Stay aware of the shadows & the light sides of each sign as the Moon moves. Review your past Moon notes & continue to examine your Gemini house as this transit continues. If you have questions please reach out. ♥️u!

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