Moon in Cancer; Virgo Season 2018

Moon in Cancer. The Moon is home for the next two days. It wants comfort, security, and food. The Moon in Cancer can be an entire ocean of emotion. With it quickly coming into an opposition with Saturn today we may feel regret, guilt, pressure & stress- especially around what we may have lost or let go over the summer. Family skeletons my animate & walk out of closets. Ghosts may appear to rattle us. Our tummy may be unsettled & achy. Seeking the warm covers could be a common theme. Do you want to call in sick? Do it if you can. Be gentle with those who call you to say they just cannot do life today. We also have a Sun opposition to Neptune happening so, chances are, even if you go try to do life today anyway, you’ll just feel like you’re brain is made of pudding. Mmmmmm pudding. And soup. Cake & muffins are good too. Watch out for over-eating the comfort foods during this Moon. The Saturn vibes are constricting & we know what happens when our gut gets knots. Over eat the veggies if you must. Take a nap if your feels overwhelm you. You can’t undo what’s been done this summer. Resist the urge to grab back the things that were released. Watch how feelings of fear creep up & try to pull you under. Fear brings us powerful messages but it definitely makes it hard to pay attention when you feel you’re gasping for air. Reach out to your peeps for hugs, ears & a cup of warm tea. Listen when your babes reach out to you. It’s easier to face a fear when you’re with a trusted boo. Your dreams may have brought you weird messages last night; take some time to review if you can remember ‘em. We’re only in this water for two days sweet ones. You can swim thru it. Cry if you need to & notice how you feel before, during & after. If you’re feeling light & breezy today take note that it might be your turn to reach out to your mom, your tough friend or your kiddos. When the weather prediction is a bit grey & gloomy & you feel like a bright light-go shine for someone else. That’s why we have cycles. I love you babes. Reach out if you need support or if you have questions. You’re all beautiful mer-people!! Don’t forget you’re like 75% water. All your feelings are valid & necessary. ♥

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