Moon in Aries; Virgo Season 2018

Moon in Aries. The protector of tender vulnerability. The first sign in the Zodiac; the initiator, the spark, the starter. This Moon is hot. This Moon IS Power-FULL. Seeing injustice or violence against others & it springs into action. Sometimes is leaps & never looks. It’s a hard shift from Swirly Pisces to the Cardinal Fire of Aries. It’s I intensified by the ruler of Aries, Mars, moving forward after a long, hot retrograde cycle. This☽ was square to Saturn this morning 2-😬. When I started writing this a.m. I instantly saw this image in my mind. Because the Moon also made a conjunction with Chiron, the wounded healer, I knew this cycle has become about how we can support those who WILL become our most powerful warriors of healing going forward. Black women need to be supported RIGHT NOW. They carry the deepest wounds from the history of this country. The trauma of our collective story weighs heaviest on them. In my own personal journey to understand & WeRK my white privilege I’ve discovered many things. The biggest 💡is that this healing is deeply individual. The more I do my own work the more I am able to understand the true solutions for racism. To KNOW that it exists at all is where most white people still need to start, sadly. For those of us who are really trying to break it down & do something to change it 4ever- look to Aries vibes for how. LOOK AT YOUR SELF. Really dig deep into your stuff. Don’t half ass it. Don’t ask POCs to help you. As you do this you’ll learn to see, listen, & support the POC community without the need to B recognized for it. Buy your goods from black businesses & artists. Support their political movements from behind the scenes. Definitely check out @laylafsaad if you can’t figure out where to start on your inner work. It’s hard, gut wrenching, & painful to begin to see & use your white privilege. But if you really want a better world for everyone, if you truly want “all lives matter” to be THEE truth, you have to begin by making it YOUR truth. No matter how much work you’ve already done there IS more to do. This is gonna take WORK. Aries knows self focused work. Aries knows how to start. It’s time to DO! Love you so much.

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