Moon In Aquarius; Virgo Season 2018

Moon in Aquarius. Logical, weird, radical, outside the box. This Fixed Air Sign is bringing in the potential for cold clarity. The eclipses here have been about you putting on your mask first. You can’t be there for the group if you don’t survive the day. Aquarius wants what’s best for the community. It understands how everyone can be uniquely individual AND part of a group. It can handle systems that are this intricate because of all the Air & Electricity it can channel. Now that the Sun is in Virgo you may find there is a strange push/pull around being your true self. Virgo fears judgement. Aquarius does not give a f*ck. The transits of today may ask you to consider the power of beauty, vanity & material objects. Try to take this thought process up from your self and out to the big picture. What matters most? How have the culture shifts & changes we’ve seen this year impacted you? Are you more aware of the damage of racism, sexism, classism, ablism? Do you find you care more about these issues? Can you take responsibility for where it IS your job to do better, make changes, demand reforms? Can you face the truth about where humanity is now? Can you speak up about it? Aquarius is a creative innovator, a revolutionary. Are you willing to do something drastically different to make a big change for others? Check your Aquarius house to see what jobs your inner weirdo wants to do. Let your freak flag fly even when it makes Virgo cringe. Tell her that the world is sick & it needs all of us to embrace the bizarre magic in each of us if we’re ever gonna evolve. Virgo is logical too; if we can work to get her to truly believe that expressing our full selves always is healthier we may get thru this mess after all. Both of these signs love patterns & analysis. Together they can see the detail we’ve missed and recenter the focus that’s been so elusive lately. Do your WeRK for the betterment of the group today & see where the frustrations of the last few months aligns. I love you fully babes. Remember that as you step out in your wildest outfit today. My Aquarius Sun honors your willingness to wild out.

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