Full Moon in Pisces ; Virgo Season 2018

The Potentials of today’s weathers: The Moon in Pisces is already sleepy, dreamy & confused after that emotional Full Moon but now Mars has stopped it’s Retrograde in Capricorn as it Station Direct. This slow shift may make us feel stuck, misdirected & frustrated. Things may seem entirely square peg/round hole all day long. But don’t fret. Remember what you’ve been learning the lest few weeks: letting go of old ways, innovation, release. These things are all making room for new growth. The thang you’re trying to do can happen if you don’t break it by trying to force it thru. Take today to visualize it working well. Picture success. Imagine how your life will be once your WeRK takes seed & begins to bloom. In dreamland we may see things we’d miss here in reality, things that need to be edited or tweaked for optimum success. Trust the delays have purpose. Know that sometimes we need protection from what we want. Notice if you have hesitations or resistance to fully committing to your plan or project. Only full faith & devotion will do in these times. This is your chance to change course if you can’t be all in. Allow yourself to get distracted & play a little today. The Moon’s messages will reach you more easily in that head space. Take some time to rest. The Moon’s light is now waning so the call to rest or wait comes from her wise cycle; it can be best to listen. Virgo Season can make us feel compelled to work harder but she’s actually a work smarter gal. Remind her that creativity & playfulness are valuable parts of any process (especially healing ones!). Notice the signs that come up for you today & do some research on their symbolism before you get red faced or defeated. Tomorrow Mars will begin to move directly in Capricorn. The last two months of struggle & Fire may finally manifest into tools you can use. Stay open to the process. It’s true, some don’t have the luxury of simply taking the day to fantasize. That’s because we live in a fire driven, consumer culture. Maybe that’s what needs fixing?? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Is your project going to make the world better? Will it being ease, joy, comfort to others? It’s worth the wait & so are YOU! ♥️

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