Moon in Leo; Leo Season 2018

August 9, 2018.

♌︎☽ The Heart. The Source of Radical Self Care. Playfulness. Selfishness. There are a lot of transits happening right now babes. They all mix together to bring some unique vibes right before the New Moon arrives at 2:58am on 8/11. Notice any opportunities for healing our identity wounds & restructuring our values to improve social justice. This comes by releasing our nationalism & nativism tendencies. Notice your emotional reactions to any sudden changes around money or self worth issues. How does change here make you feel? Do those feelings make you avoid an action? Might be time to release those fear blocks. There are four powerful Trines lit up now too. Trines are energies we must activate thru our will- they don’t force a change or shift on their own like conjunctions or squares. We have to WeRK- but the Universe assists us with these gifts if we open up to change. You may find a veil lifting off of a truth. You may discover a portal into healing an emotional wound to your identity. You may finally discover the hidden gift or tool all these intense weathers of the last few weeks want you to have. You may finally know what you think, feel, want- you may be able to say it out loud in a graceful way. With all of these potentials there is the risk that speaking your truth may bring a consequence. It’s likely that result is leading somewhere good but it may not seem that way at first. Stay open & aware to the signs around you because Mercury is still playing it’s tricks until 8/18. Check your Leo house for the themes you may have all the feels about. Look back to the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse to revisit what’s happened in these house themes this last year. Use anything & everything you discover to set a few strong intentions for the New Moon Solar Eclipse on 8/11. Mean what you say when you make wishes now my darlings. The power of this eclipse is the closing of a cycle- it may be a big in your Leo/Aquarius house themes. Notice. It’s power is centered in Radical Self Care & awareness of making the world a better place. Can we love truth again? These transits say YES, if we WeRK for it. I 🤬ing Love U. Reach out if you have Qs. (More Eclipse info 2 come!)

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