Leo New Moon, Solar Eclipse

New Moon, Solar Eclipse 18° of Leo. Time to tell the Truth. Last year we had a Solar Eclipse at 28° of Leo. It was a Total Eclipse in most of North America. Tomorrow’s lunation is the last Solar Eclipse in the polarity of Leo & Aquarius. A gateway is closing. Look back at last summer; have you noticed any big shifts in life since then? In what areas of life? Do these correspond with your Leo or Aquarius house themes? Do they involve issues of ego, self worth, pride or love? Have you WeRKed on your Radical Self Care Practice as I’ve prattled on & on about for a year now? How has that gone? Why have you been successful at improving your practice? What still needs to improve? What intentions do you want to set around these practices tonight? Can you not only see the truth around this ♥️WeRK but actually voice a commitment to it tonight? Mercury Rx is going to square Jupiter exactly at the same time this eclipse is in full effect. Most of us will be fast asleep then (at 2:58am PST) so I highly recommend prepping your intentions tonight. Write a letter to your self. Be boldly honest. Tell your self what you intend to do with your TRUTH going forward. Open up to your own knowing & embrace it. Quiet that voice in your head. Notice the voice in your heart. Leo may ask you to listen to the heart more because Radical Self Care comes from the heart. This TRUTH will likely unlock something magical within your heart center & elevate you to a knew level of self. Hold space for your TRUTH to reveal itself more fully in your dreams tonight. Write a note to Mercury before bed asking that trickster to take your FALSE narratives & negative self talk to the underworld; as the planet of beliefs enters the last days of this Rx cycle that is its special power. Release those lies for good. Ask Mercury to bring a hidden self truth forward from your underworld spirits & allies. When you wake take careful note of your dream’s messages. Your personal knowing is a magical, psychic gift. We all have access to this magic but our culture encourages us to block it out. Jupiter in Scorpio has been exposing our deep, deep need for magic & truth. Embrace this energy. Know you are loved, you are.

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