Moon in Capricorn

Moon in Capricorn. Stop. Look. Listen. Here comes the workiest-worker of the moon vibes. We may feel compelled to start picking through at all the BS we set aside during that rough patch we weathered. We may try to start adding it all back to our to do lists while harshly criticizing ourselves for not pushing through our sadness and pain to WORK. It’s ok to catch yourself doing that and give your self a great big hug. Then, slowly set all that BS back down. Take a big breath and step over that pile of bones. Squint your eyes and look forward as far as you can into your future. Notice that you can’t tell from here exactly what you’re gonna need to weather the storms ahead. Don’t look that far, ever. Take another step forward. Look at the palms of your hands, notice how useful these tools are. Look slowly from left to right. Is there anyting near by that you can see needs doing? More importantly is there any ONE near by you can see needs one of YOUR hands? Rather than digging through the bones of the past it’s more likely that you’re gonna find the tool you really need these days are your own empty hands. Hands are for holding, writing, making, soothing, and holding on to each other. Take careful note of how hard this energy tries to push you past your limits. See how the sea goat tests your brand new self care skills. If you’ve built a proper structure around them you’ll see it now. If you’re still faking it this is test for leaks and cracks. This is NOT a time to work even harder to catch up. Nothing you do is worth your life or your sanity. We are meant to be relearning how to build the kind of supports that catch our most vulnerable and most fragile humans. Focus on that and you’ll find plenty to do. If you remember that you have to tend to your self first you’ll find just how powerful and capable you are at truly making an impact. The Moon will contact Saturn in Retrograde around 1pm PST on Friday so go back and review what I said about that back on April 17th. How are you reWERKing your BS? Check in and look for leaks but always, always, always congratulate yourself for all the little successes rather than feeling any defeat around the cracks. Saturday is going to bring us back to the work we did when Pluto and Mars made contact on 4/24 & 25 and whatever we released to the Full Moon in Scorpio. Now is a great time to really process how you felt about those experiences. How can you turn that process into tools for the job ahead? Capricorn loves to work but if you leave this gruff goat unchecked it can work it’s self to death. Check in if you need help figuring out how to use this energy for good. Look out for people teatering on cliffs or grinding their fingers to the bone. We are all in this together and the Universe is Hell bent to get us back to the collective, collaborative and caring creatures we were born to be. I see you and I want you to see me too. Love you little billy goats

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