That's So Retro...(grade)

Jumping Jupiter Something's Changing....

Ok babes, set your feet wide and let's ground our energy and breathe. Go ahead, take a deep one right now. Find a meditation podcast or a nice yoga class to go to if you need to. Let's all just settle into our Astrology practice together because we're going on a ride and we want it to be a thrill not a scary fun house.

We've been in this lovely window without any retrograding planets since early January, which was a sweet gift from the Universe considering that wild pile-up in Pisces we just whirled and swirled through. You're probably still dizzy and discombobulated, I know I am. But, here we are moving right into another big shift that could expand that spinning from childlike joy to a bad day on the merry-go-round. These are the moments where we can use our Astrology Charts and self study to reach the highest potential of the transits. Preparation is key and if you're not using all the tools available to you you might not get what's good about this shift.

That truth seeking powerhouse Jupiter is also our planet of luck, abundance, expansion and excess. It's been doing a lot of powerful work lately (you may know it as the planet that's digging around in our deepest, darkest, most secret crevices of Scorpio; i.e. #metoo, #neveragain, #timesup) and it will begin it's retrograde cycle tonight at 8:46pst. This cycle lasts until July 10th, 2018. This gassy giant is going to rewind over what's been unearthed just to be sure we didn't miss anything, just to be sure we rooted out all that's rotten. We will likely see this on the grand scale and more personally in the themes of the house where we have our Natal Scorpio. Check your chart to see where your Scorpio is or reach out for help locating it.

Adding to this shift we’ve officially entered the shadow period of Mercury’s infamous retrograde cycle. What's the shadow period? It's when Mercury slows down and prepares to change directions. It will fully change directions on 3/22/18 but while it slows down it will give us some subtle hints about where we will asked to edit or rework during this quick retrograde cycle. Lasting until April 15th this cycle burns through powerful Aries quickly so while it could be a good time to think about our individual and collective identity it can also become a wildfire pretty quickly. You may find that your theme is to rework new projects or ideas. In Aries this could lead to burning everything out of frustrations over one hiccup. So, if you're about to start a new project soon make careful note of these dates. We all know Mercury Retrogrades, if left unchecked, cause all kinds of frustrating glitches. This is why it's so famous and shaded in our culture when in fact it's mission is to highlight errors and mistakes in a helpful way. Preparation is key to every transit, especially those with a reputation for being a pain in our collective pa-toots. Check your chart to see where your Aries is. The themes of that house are going to get reworked too. What do you need to edit there? What revisiting can you commit to in this area? What can you put off until the cycle is over? How can you prepare to pay attention to Mercury during this time? The biggest gift of the Mercury Retrograde is so often missed in our consumer/fire focused culture. It tells us what's not ready, what needs attention and review. I often call this a chance to rewrite our stories. We get so focused on the traffic jams and crashing apps we don't see the huge, flashing signs that could lead to magical insights glowing right next to us. Communication is a two way signal so when you get hung up during this cycle LOOK around you and see if you're getting signal from the trickster planet.

I am offering a limited series of readings for this cycle so if you want to sign up for that click here. I highly recommend that for folks with powerful Aries placements, planets or current transits. If you've consistently had issues during the Mercury Retrograde cycle this is also highly recommended for you. I promise this is a gift and I'd love to help you flip the script on this powerful cycle.

Together these two retrogrades are all about speaking the truth to power and finding hidden truths. With Aries and Scorpio in the mix we are going to have an intense time. Please remember that you are safe. We can't have the light without the darkness. We don't want to go back to a time before #metoo. We cannot go back. We don't want to pretend that racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia aren't real anymore. We want to see each other for who really are and these two are the most powerful energies to REALLY do that for us.

Please reach out if you need support. Join my Facebook Group for additional updates and to share your questions, experiences, fears, and insights. I am happy to help you pull up your own chart online and you can always check out my resources page for lots of rad references to self study.

I hope to see you all in the "New Year" (aka: Aries Season, the start of the Zodiac, the first, the leader, the fire that is spring! Woot! FIRE!!!)

I love you so much and be well my dear ones!


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