The Moon is Magic

In Astrology it is said that the sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon. Our bright, beautiful Moon, that rules the oceans tides is connected to all of our waters both inside our bodies and everywhere on Earth. In Astrology the Moon is the Archetype of the Mother, Home, Nurturing, Safety, Food, Emotions and as the Reflection of the Sun - our Ego, Self, Purpose and Intent in this life. The Moon is how we emote on every level. As a Cancer Rising I am ruled by the Moon.

My Moon Magic. As a witch and Light Being I have always had my eyes on the Moon. I have practice Moon Magic for decades and, when asked, I offer Astrology readings that focus on the Luminaries in the Natal Chart. These readings help the Native (you) to use your unique light to it's highest potential. We discuss how your Sun and Moon placements have manifested in you. What are the things you believe to be the strengths, weaknesses, powers and struggles with your personal light. Together we discuss possible remediations or rituals you could perform during the Full, Quarter and New Moons to alter, transmute or redirect your light to it's highest potential.

These rituals are very specific to your needs and goals because they sprout from your unique natal chart. I find this is why they are often SO powerful. These readings are most offered directly to Returning Clients who've had at least a 30 minute basic chart reading with me prior to scheduling a Luminary Reading. However, I am open to direct scheduling of this reading for New Clients if you feel you have a strong understanding of your natal chart already. Click here to schedule or here to contact me with questions.

Why The Moon Matters. The Moon is ever changing. It changes signs every 2.5-3 days, it changes it's phase every 28 days and I won't go to deeply into this, but the Moon is also changing declination and that is why we have eclipses about every six months but not all of them are Total Eclipses. The Astronomy of the Moon is another fascination but I promise I won't get too deeply into that here.

I love the Moon because it makes me think of how unique people are and how connected we are to our luminaries. The Sun literally brings life and death. It feeds us and burns us. It is the center, the core and the life force of all beings. It represents the oneness of the Universe that some have named the God or Goddess but also many other names have been uttered to describe the Sun. Ultimately it is simply the source of all life. The Sun is the one thing that all life on Earth needs equally. The Moon does not generate it's own light and instead it is reflecting the light of the Sun back to us, reminding us that change is constant and death is coming back for everything just like the New Moon always does. Without the light dance between the Sun and Moon we would all die. We would quite literally starve, drown or freeze to death without these two bodies spinning around. The mental and emotional connections is also tantamount to our evolution as beings. Without that continuous dark period we would not know the light. Without the rest we would not be able to wake. Without death we would not be able to be born.

Yeah. It's pretty deep stuff for one blog.

That's why I am breaking the Moon down into regular posts that happen as the Moon changes signs or makes contact with other planets in what we call Astrological Transits (don't worry I am not predicting an actual collision between our planetary bodies just yet). Each post will obvs. contain my art work and I will post about the current phases and how that flavors our behaviors, emotions and insights too. I will bring in some mythology, current events and maybe even some poetry too!

The Light In Astrology. The luminaries offer us information about our selves and how we related to other beings, objects and our own feelings and thoughts. The complexity of living as Light Beings can be made easier by understanding your Sun and Moon placements in your Natal Chart. Knowing the flavor of light you were born under can say a lot about your core personhood but, just like Astrology as a practice, we are only meant to use this information as a seed to grow and change from. There is no final, definite description of a Light Being. We are here to constantly change, just like the Moon does. This is a map that offers you some information for your journey.

The Moon Rocks. As a Moon Ruled being I am constantly studying the Moon. Not just in Astrology but also in Astronomy, myth and stories. This light has always captivated us and I believe that it has seen our entire history. The Moon knows our origin stories, our truths and our fears intimately. I believe that if we could all spend some time studying your Moons (and the Moons of those we hold dear) we may be able to better understand each other and how to heal our collective injuries.

As I begin posting about the Moon more regularly on Social Media in 2018 and beyond I wanted to collect my Moon Resources in one place. I hope to try to create a glossary for Moon terms I will often use so that when you become curious about the Moon you can always come back here to refresh or learn more. Please use this page to continue your own Moon studies. If you have questions about the Moon, Astrology or about my posts, please reach out. You can always "like" or "follow" my social media platforms to see these posts in real time. Or, click here to see my social media feeds here on my website.

I try to mix up my platforms of sharing, mostly because I have a Grand Air Trine and that means I get bored easily and I hate doing anything 'regularly'. If you are looking for information about a specific Moon Sign or phase and you don't see it here or on any of my Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Ello posts, please check one of the resources below for more information OR contact me here. I love questions.

Where is YOUR Moon? If you don't know your Moon Sign you can visit my Resources Page here to pull up your free chart online. Again, if you have questions please reach out. I am happy to help you.

I hope you enjoy learning more about our Magical Moon. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Many Moon Blessings!

xo. d.

Here is a list of My Current Moon Resources:

(This is updated often and I will add tags to my moon posts, blogs and writings as they are added. More Coming Soon!!)

My Favorite Moon Books:

The Light That Changes by Rhea Wolf

Moon Tracking Websites: This site offers a calendar of the current Moon Signs for each day. This speaks to WHERE the Moon is Astrologically right now. *Advanced Astro Nerd Note: The moon in Astronomy doesn't always mirror the moon in Astrology and it's placement has nothing to do with the physical placement of the Astrological constellations in the type of Astro that I practice. This is complex. If you have questions about THIS please contact me and I can offer additional learning resources.

Moon Tracking Google Calendar:

Transit Calendar. This FREE site allows you to track the Moon Signs AND Current Transits on an hourly basis. It also adds other current Transits of the Moon and other Planets. You can simply visit the site when you're curious OR you can download it into your Google calendar (and other calendar platforms).

The Moon in Astronomy

I love this new site from NASA. It offers all the human science currently gathered about the moon as a ball of matter orbiting around the Earth.

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