Aquarius New Moon: Radical Ideas About Letting Go

The New Moon in Aquarius 2018

February 15th, 1:05pm PST

27º Aquarius

Also a partial Solar Eclipse


New Moon & Sun Square to Jupiter in Scorpio @ 22º

New Moon & Sun Sextile to Uranus in Aries @ 25º

New Moon & Sun Conjunct Mercury

Mercury Sextile Uranus

Venus Sextile Saturn

On January 31st, 2018 we had a powerful total Lunar Eclipse in Leo. For some of us it may have brought the themes of the last Solar Eclipse in Leo from August 2017 back to the surface. The heart was feeling the feels for reals.

This Eclipse cycle in the Leo/Aquarius has been about the need for both Radical Self Care and Radical Community Care. How do we want to balance our self with our community? We've seen some very terrifying and inspiring shifts in the collective culture for quite some time now and while we may feel a lot of emotional overwhelm because of this the big idea is that we are also feeling the push to rebuild our society in the golden heart light of Leo. We are seeing the real value of self care. We are learning the this simple act is more than a movement to go to the spa or buy yourself something nice. It's more than a yoga class or time to read. It's also something that every human deserves the time and space for. For some reason we've made accessing this important experience difficult and luxurious instead of necessary and life saving. We must strive to release the emotions that keep us feeling guilty and blocked from radical self care in order to create a new society using those feelings to guide us. We can't keep pushing the negative feelings or the darkness away in order to "stay positive" because those negative feelings are also important messages. We have to sit with the truth of these messages in order to do the real, powerful work of change.

This last full moon in Leo on January 31st was likely an emotional one. The days following brought me oceans of tears and a chance to swim in my deepest fears around my self worth, money and my pride. I have Leo in the Second House of assets, money and inner worth so that is where these personal themes stem from. Knowing your chart and understanding the themes of the houses adds an additional layer of information that your uniqueness is meant to work on in this life. If you don't know your chart yet I highly recommend having a reading or at least looking up your chart online so you can see which houses are being lit up by this cycle of eclipses (which last until January 20th, 2019). Please contact me if you're interested in learning more about your chart or go here to see my list of references and recommendations for self discovery.

We are all collectively working on the energetic pull between our hearts and our heads and that is flavored by our house energies which give us more specific insights. If you're called to do the work then Astrology can give you an unprecedented map that is meant for you and you alone. This New Moon in Aquarius is an amazing time to learn about your personal Astrology. This is a time of logic, mental energies, awareness of the winds and synchronicity. Aquarius is a Fixed Air Sign that is rooted in a more calm, collected, scientific energy than Leo, which rules the heart, passion and creativity. Drama, self focus and emotions are Leo's way of being where Aquarius is the observer of patterns with the intention of making radical changes to benefit the group. Aquarius love Astrology, science and logic and if you open your mind to these energies today you may find it easier to look at the big feels you've had lately in a more purposeful way.

New Moon Magic & Rituals.

The challenge of this New Moon is counter to a typical New Moon Cycle. Usually we would be setting intentions, starting new projects, and looking forward during a New Moon. The darkness is the end of a cycle of release from the last Full Moon. This particular New Moon wants us to look back and reflect (more of a Full Moon process) because we must look at the emotional and passionate information from the last two weeks (and six months) in order to decide what we want to let go of or use going forward. Aquarian energy lends us the logic and coolness to let go of emotional triggers, reactions and baggage into the winds of change. It wants us to sit quietly with our big dreams, our big ideas, and our big love for our fellow humans so we can think of the things that are going to heal us moving forward.

What are the current themes of your heart's desires? What are your deep feels, aches and worries? What has been pressing on your heart over the last two weeks (or even the six months since the big eclipse in August?) Make a list of what feels have just been swimming around you and see if you can make a list of intentions to let those feelings go for good. If releasing them doesn't seem right consider how you could innovate them into tools for a higher purpose? Aquarius lives for repurposing and efficiently innovating things that don't work anymore. Be creative in a logical and scientific way.

Because we are also experiencing a square from Jupiter, a sextile from Uranus and Mercury Conjunction as well, we can use this time to listen, speak and communicate about our truths, big ideas, and about how to get out of the boxes we have made. This is an excellent time for socializing. Go make new friends, network in surprising ways and do it all while flying your freak flag! Aquarians are weird, surprising, electric humans. We all have access to every sign in the Zodiac so you don't need to have planets or points in your Aquarius to access their bolts of charming electricity. Challenge yourself to do something outside of your boxes so you can really understand where the emotions and lessons of the last six months are meant to help you grow and change. This is an excellent time to make a list of what you want to DO in the next two weeks or the next six months. What can you let go of? What can you build using the lessons of your biggest feels? Where you can make new connections in your community. Write this list and consider sharing it with friends or online.

If you're interested in learning more about your chart, Astrology in general or about Moon Magic please reach out. I am always happy to show you how to access your chart for free online. I love questions and I offer several affordable options for readings too.

New Moon Blessings to you and yours!

I love you so much,

xo. d.

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