Let's Talk Truth...

We've entered the Season of Truth: Sagittarius.

After such an intense Scorpio Season, many of us felt this shift intensely on November 21st. The Autumn Sun was out in full force here in the Pacific Northwest and it magnified this transition perfectly. We dove down deep in the last few weeks with the Scorpion and we should be proud of what we unearthed and held out for the collective to see. #metoo.

Now we've moved into a new season but that doesn't mean that we are done with our deep work. I am not convinced we're ever meant to be done, but that's another blog all together. This shift only means that we are moving on to the next phase of this unique process. We have to examine what we've dug up and determine what the new truth(s) will be now. The cycle moves forward and it will call us to ACT on the truth.

There are many gorgeous gifts for goal setting, planning and releasing during this Sagittarius Season. This is the season of The Archer, the one who seeks to discover the truth through the use of the higher mind. Often using spiritual insights and grand new adventures to explore the latest information and educational experiences Sag is seeking the truth in all she does. Sometimes however this powerful fire energy lacks a filter and we speak before we think or rationalize the impact of our words. We can become idealistic and protective of our freedoms. It takes concentration to look before we leap when there is a fire!

Just as the Sun burned it's way brightly into Sag, Neptune stopped it's retrograde after six months in reverse and then Mercury slowed to enter the shadow period of it's last retrograde of 2018. Neptune and Mercury had a tense conversation on/around November 13th. It's possible we saw a hint of our upcoming areas of focus for the next few weeks during this transit. Check back to that day and review what was up for you, it might be of import going forward. Then, towards the end of December, just as Mercury slows to change direction again, Saturn will move into Capricorn along with the Sun. This is A LOT of energy shifting and it's definitely a cycle that's best with some preparation.

I've created a special AstroOffering to support you during this important time. We are being called to process what we brought up from the darkness of Scorpio, both personally and collectively. We are being called to use this rich compost to feed a new garden of truth(s). We may need to rewrite our stories and to build new structures from our recent experiences. This offering can bring specialized remediations, rituals and goal setting for these specific energies in your chart.

Click here to sign up for this offering, Let's Talk Truth, Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius 2017 today. There are limited spots and dates available.

Exactly how this important cosmic cycle plays out IS up to you, though it can often feel as if the opposite is true. We always have a choice, we always have free will. Astrology can help us take charge of this powerful energy and redirect it towards growth, healing and positive change. It can also support us in reaping the value from anything that doesn't go the way we hoped it would. Say it with me, 'We can't always get what we want but if try, sometimes we just might find, get what we need!'. The specifics we seek are revealed in our individual charts. How we respond, act and direct the energy of each planet depends our own Astrology. Is that complicated? Yes. That's why I am here to help!

More Deets About The Upcoming Astro Weathers...

Meet the planets that have come to work with us through the end of the year: Neptune, Mercury and Saturn.

Neptune has been retrograde since June. This outer planet rules dreams, creativity and spiritual connectedness. It also causes confusion and disillusionment. When it’s retrograde it can make us feel stuck in the clouds or lost in a fog. When it changed direction on 11/ 23 we may have suddenly become aware of the truths and hurts we couldn’t quite grasp before. We may also find we are able to begin processing all that’s happened to us recently only now, we operating more clearly as Neptune returns to it's direct course. We may see deeper meaning in our dreams and our creative ideas. We may be called to work in groups or collectives. We may now be able to access the power to make change that was just out of reach before. Now that the direction has changed we may feel empowered to actually DO the work to change. And conversely, some of us may only more confused... perhaps we are having a powerful Neptune transit that we need to focus on in a more unique way (like me!). The individual chart reveals this specifically.

Mercury, the biggest player in this offering, is also known as the trickster in mythology. He is the ruler of communication, the thinking brain, and travel. During his (roughly) three retrograde cycles each year he can cause disruptions, arguments, technology glitches, traffic jams and he can burn a bridge to the ground without pause, especially in a fire season. In our consumer culture Mercury Retrograde is often most famous for these shadow energies but he can also be called upon to help us to connect more deeply. He offers the power to rewrite our stories, tell out truths, and release our bad habits to the Underworld. Mercury will station retrograde on 12/3. Seeing this as a time to dread is not helpful nor is it Mercury's intention. This is a time to stop, look and listen. We may be able to release old habits and prepare to make powerful changes as this electric planet returns to it's direct motion on 12/22. Big changes are more successful when we plan to make them.

Saturn has been in Sagittarius since the tail end of 2014. He will move into Capricorn on December 19th and stay there until December 2020. Saturn is at home in Capricorn and this time may bring a call to build strong new foundations that are centered in integrity. We may see new power structures form in the rubble of what's no longer working.

The Mercury Retrograde just before this shift can help us make sure we do all the necessary review and editing work needed to build our best possible bases out of what we just dug up and broke down. There are entire websites dedicated to Saturn and his powerful energies so I will simply summarize his purpose here; he strives keeps us on course and tends to crush us when we stray from what's intended. Commitment, responsibility and conditional love are all terms I associate with this important planet. The fact that he is the closing act in this cycle is not to be ignored.

Collectively we need to make some serious structural changes. Individually we should always be growing and improving (ideally). When we sit with our truth and process our experiences in order to make things better we are doing big work. It's challenging and exhausting but, when done with a committed heart, the rewards are often grand. Saturn gives immense gifts to those who take responsibility for the process and commit to the work. Saturn also represents the teacher, guide, guru and father. It's recommended to ask for help with your Saturn work. This reading offers guidance and specific suggestions, including references to other teachers and advisors I work with, who can assist you in this process work.

It is important, imperative really, that we remember to slow down and process our feelings, thoughts and ideals before we allow words to shoot out of our mouths (or keyboards) during this cycle. This planetary combination, used carelessly, could light matches near wooden bridges, flatten a baking cake or wake the baby too soon! These energies could also cause us to delete our websites at 1am out of frustration, not facts. We may build the roof to our new structure before we've laid out the foundation. None of these are ideal for us collectively or personally and they are definitely not good for our businesses either.

This cycle CAN BE a big gift if we can discover how to use it wisely and efficiently! This reading can offer you the map to harnessing these energy shifts for your own processing and work. My offerings are always centered in remediation and transmutation. I believe Astrology can give us very specific tools for our journey. This AstroOffering can assist you in finding, processing, and communicating your truth(s) with the intention to build new foundations simply by directing your planetary energies in the most constructive way possible.

AstroSketch of Mercury Rx in a Natal Chart

What's included:

This 90 minute package includes a basic natal chart reading (or review if you're a returning client) & specific Astro remediations for YOU in this Retrograde cycle. We will discuss what your Mercury needs and where in your life it might be best to direct this powerful fact finding and releasing energy during the Retrograde from 12/3-12/22. We will discuss your Neptune and Saturn requests and remediations as well. Together we will create a plan that you can add to your calendar and rituals you can practice to make best use of this energy.

Offered via Zoom Video chat, this package also includes a digital copy of your natal chart AstroSketch*, a glyph key of your natal chart, and a calendar worksheet you can use to take notes during your reading. If note taking isn't your jam, you can always add an optional video recording of the session via Zoom too.

Click here to schedule your special reading today.

And, as always, please reach out if you have any questions or need more support here.

Many Blessings to you during this holiday season!


*An AstroSketch is a hand drawn copy of your natal chart I create during your reading. You receive a digital copy you can print out or store for later reference.

**This Package is available to both NEW and RETURNING CLIENTS for a limited time.

Let's Talk Truth; Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius Season.

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