Welcome, Death.

The long rest begins and I am prepared. I’ve cleared the beds and turned out my rich soil. I’ve reflected on my many bounties and gifts from a glorious spring and summer season. I am grateful for all of the light and the rejuvenation you’ve brought to me. I’ve digested all of that magic and I am now open to change. I’ve taken stock of my process and my progress. I know where I’ve healed and where I still have work to do; I’ve learned by holding ‘it all’ up in your light and considering ‘it’s’ value. What is no longer of service to me now has been cast out to become something else, somewhere else. Anything I can still use has been added to the compost, covered with love, and will rest outside of me until the light of rebirth comes again to ready me for another round of Process. I have all I need, I am safe and I welcome the time of rest with my heart wide open and hands made for holding all of the love that can now flow freely forth. Sweet dreams to us all, until we meet again.  

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