Going Deep in Scorpio Season

Scorpio rules the lower digestive system, sex organs, composting and the occult. We are going to go deep my friends.

We've begun to get a taste of what Scorpio Season may bring us the giant Jupiter swirled into our Scorpio houses yesterday around 6:20am. Most of us woke to this shift and probably started our mornings feeling much differently than we have in the last few weeks. Today we are probably feeling tired, overwhelmed and confused.

We've all been in a powerful transit between Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Libra since the beginning of September. We've seen a world filled with newly empowered Freedom Fighters, people protesting protests, the revealing of systematic (in)Justices and even some sudden, explosive violence. The phrase I've used most to describe this energy is a desire for revolutionary expansion or growth. When these two large energies are dancing in opposition we are often called to breakaway from something that's restricting us. We might not have known we were restricted until we have a sudden insight. This can lead to making quick changes in direction and having reactionary responses based in our emotions. Sometimes this leads to shadow behaviors best described as "Throwing the baby out with the bathwater". Depending on what houses your Aries/Libra polarity lives in could reveal where you've made some shifts in the last few weeks. Where have you seen shifts or sudden changes in the last few weeks? What is making you want to react? Where do you feel called to make growth or expand in your life? The Uranus/Jupiter transit pushed us to our breaking points. It was exhausting. Now that Jupiter has moved into Scorpio we may be called to make profound transformations in a new area of our lives. This focus will likely be on our inner growth and, depending on your natal Scorpio placement and/or natal planets you have there, that might not be all pleasant at first. Because we are so often resistant to the dark part of the life cycle, which Scorpio rules, we sometimes panic when the darkness moves in. We can react with fear and pull back from this energy causing us to miss important opportunities.

I've already had many conversations with friends and clients about "just getting out of this funk already". The most common request is "I can't stop crying. Can you help?" and I am called to remind everyone that feelings are important messages. If you're being asked to cry, then please cry. If you need to express some of the darkness to get relief that's ok. Your Astro can give you very powerful insight on how to express your self in a safe, constructive and healing way. My very favorite thing about Astrology is it's potential to offer remediations and transmutations for all that we must do and face in this life. It also honors that absolutely everything has a light and a dark side; each must be given attention, honor and work in our lifetimes.

Our cultural mindset that we should force ourselves to express, act and behave positivity at all times can sometimes cause us more harm than healing. We need to examine the dark feelings for messages and lessons equally with all of our light and "inspirational" messages and lessons or we may miss key elements to growth. In order to find the balance that Libra Season seeks to bring we must give respect and honor to the dark part of the cycle. We must accept the challenges and use our resources to move through the darkness instead of hiding from it. The cycle will bring it back around again and again otherwise.

Flexibility, openness and preparation are key skills to working in the dark. Astrology can give us unique support for this process because it is a map of our unique energies. We are truly and magically one of a kind. For example, I have Scorpio in the 5th house of creative projects, children, romance and playfulness. This house is home to Leo and it rules the heart. I also have my natal Uranus and my North Node here so that means that Jupiter is going to have a similar (and likely a little more intense) dance with my personal Uranus. The potentials here will likely create some very powerful art work, which for me as an artist is probably going to be amazing, healing and life changing. It might not appeal to the world in a commercial way however so I am making plans to allow for a lot of personal work time in my schedule for the season. This art will probably be deep, dark, transformational and centered in MY personal growth process. I keep thinking that this could be the work that is discovered and valuable many years after my death, who knows right?

Knowing the potential for me to go dark during this time gives me a chance to prepare for it. I am making sure I have a stockpile of art supplies, sweet teas, bath salts, and my favorite treats. I have put lots of time for Acupuncture, long walks and friend dates on the books too. Preparing for a time that I know my anxiety and depression could be heightened makes me feel more confident and excited about the darkness. I am also thinking about how I can use this transformation to prepare for another, larger transit to Uranus happening over the next two years. It is the time for me to make profound transformations, change and grow and a healthy way for me to do that is through my art and astrology practices.

Growing pains are something we never really leave behind; as adults they are often more mental and emotional than physical. Culturally we've become resistant to the pain required to grow. We seek only the balance and growth that is wrapped in happy, inspirational memes. I've found I've reached plateau with that ideal and while my positive mental attitude and gratitude practices has brought me many gifts I know that I must go into the deep, dark spaces to find the magic hidden there and refine what's there into the tools/gifts I will need to be even more on purpose in this life. I've created safe places to sit with the darkness and I am feeling prepared to really look at it to see where I can compost into healing and growth. It's a choice for me to do this work and Astrology offers a unique and credible map for what's ahead. I am not saying that it will be easy, but anything worth having takes deep work to create. I have several new offerings on my website now, including Gift Certificates and special AstroPackages for the upcoming HoliDAZE! Please check out these deals and specials. There is no limit on the number you can purchase at this price, and, ALL of my prices will increase on November 6th, 2017 so it's a good idea to start that gift shopping now!

If you're reading this it's likely you're being called to connect with Astrology. I hope that you will reach out if you have any questions or to book an appointment. As we move closer to the dark seasons of Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn our call to do inner work increases. My life is on purpose when I use my tools to support others in this work. Through the practice of process, I create space for magic. I look forward to working with you soon.

I love you so much! Blessings, ~d

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