The Moon is Our Friend

The Moon. She brings us messages from our emotional centers. She knows how we REALLY feel about everything. Sometimes these messages are not so easy to hear. They can cause confusion, worry and even fear. We know we have to act upon the messages we hear but sometimes we can't figure out how to move forward. Other times we refuse to move forward and that's when she can begin to shout and throw fits.

When she combines her energies with other planets it can add a layer to this understanding AND a layer to our uneasiness. When she makes contact with a point in our Natal Charts this can also cause us to have a heightened sensation. In Astrology, these are called Transits. When the planets in our solar system keep moving around and spinning in space they impact us just as microscopic bacteria and germs impact us. We are all connected to everything.

When there are also a lot of other AstroEnergies making their presence known in the sky we can feel even more intensity. Right now the Sun and Mars are hanging tough together in Leo. That is starting to pull apart so hopefully we can begin to feel some relief after a few heated months. We just had Full Moon in Aquarius that likely brought some jerky/jolty changes to most of us. All the feels are for reals and we should all give ourselves a collective hug because much of this is intense.

I would like to also note that some of us may also feel the polarity of this; total bliss, being on point, knowing exactly what they want and why! You may seek folks having huge breakthroughs, beaming about their self care and making strides in their creativity. This is equally possible because each of us is so uniquely built and no two charts and lives are the same. It's important to consider your Astro when you're feeling 'up' too. Why? Because it can show you where you Astro superpowers are! Who doesn't want to know about that?

Regardless of how you feel personally, change is in the air right now. Other people are feeling intense, stressed and overwhelmed. The main thing we could learn during this period, if we chose to make these potentials into lessons for growth that is, is that we are connected. Other people's shit leaks out on to us. Strangers make us rage in traffic and a simple kindness like letting someone merge into traffic makes our hearts glow. These little things happen every day and we've (hopefully) learned to notice and make adjustments.

Now imagine that on a much bigger scale. If your day is uneasy, stressful and overwhelming you have to ask if that's because of something inside of you or outside of you? Can you change your reaction? Can you see that your reaction is the only thing you can control? Can you connect with the person who leaked their energy on you to see if you can help them in some way? Or do you need to walk a way and decompress after that experience? We could learn that taking a little time to check in with our selves before sending our energy out into the world would likely solve a great many problems. In case of emergency we must put our oxygen masks on before we try to help someone else with theirs.

I see a lot of people feeling stress and anxiety these days. That used to make me feel so helpless and stressed too. I love to help and hold space for people because I have Cancer Rising and an Aquarius Sun. I want everyone to feel safe, important and valued. Now that I have Astro in my life I know that the behaviors of others are often a reaction to the planetary energies overhead. That can feel like an overwhelming concept that's difficult, if not impossible, to control. Now I feel like I have tools to help with this.

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What IS Astrology and how can it really help? "Astrology could be described as a detailed study of individuality. Astrological remediation could be understood as an endlessly fascinating journey into highly individualized healing methods" ~Andrea Gertz from Astrological Remediation, A Guide for the Modern Practitioner (and my personal AstroBible!) We cannot remove the planetary energies in our natal charts nor can we stop the planets from spinning around and impacting us in the Universe. We can work to manage our reactions and behaviors, we can develop practices that ease our discomfort and we can reach out to others for support. This is why I love Astrology so much and that is why I developed this new offering to help you learn the best way for you to do that.

The moon and sun have a huge impact on us for all the reasons we know; bringing light, moving the tides, etc. They can also impact our moods and our energy levels. This is more impactful on those of us who have natal placements of certain planets in our charts. For example, I have an Aquarius Sun so that Full Moon was really big for me. It made me doubt my self worth, worry about money and the success of my business. Even though business has been great and I've done a literal TON of work around this. I knew it was coming and I still had to do some rituals and remediation to keep it from being overwhelming. I have a few other transits adding to this doubt and worry so I have to work harder than normal to keep myself steady. I know now that these energies are messages and signals for me to decipher and use to do good in the world. The more I practice the more I am able to accelerate the downloads and move away from the tough energies faster. I also know that sometimes the pain is valuable. I compare it to childbirth or growing pains. It's required, it's intense but it brings something beautiful into life. I've learned that it's not always the right thing to try to get away from or avoid pain.

Are you feeling overwhelmed, worried or confused right now? I'd love to help you find out if Astro can help. I offer many different readings and Astro interpretations to support different people. I have readings for personal issues, business support, parents and relationships. We start with your personal Natal Chart Readings and once you've had a least a 30 minute reading you can then access my returning client offerings. We can use Astro to look at what's currently troubling or assisting you, where you could be in the near future and it can give you suggestions for very personalized rituals or remediations to ease or assist you in making changes or reaching goals.

Recently I created an Astrology offering that takes a look at your Natal Chart to see how the next moon cycle may impact you. I love this reading because it gives you a specific time frame for when you may have powerful potentials for using your energy. It covers roughly a month and compares the transiting planets to your natal chart. As we read through the chart we develop some rituals and remediations that you can do to move this energy in a direction you find most pleasing. I love the way it invites clients to engage with their personal Astro for good.

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The next season is Virgo. The polarity of Virgo is Pisces. Because of this intense Leo Season we actually will not have a New Moon in Virgo; instead the eclipse is another Leo New Moon. (yet another reason this Leo Season is powerful and unique!). It is important that we still give some energy to Virgo just after the New Moon/Eclipse occurs because we are learning so much about how to love ourselves and how to love EVERYONE ELSE and Virgo will want to take a good look at this new information. She is in charge of judgment, practicality, clarity, and digestion. She wants to decide what is good for us and what is not. She can also help us start to organize this new information so we can prepare to build new systems that help us do better. Her polarity with Pisces is called, "Enlightened Service" because the shared energy is about how we are in service to each other. Pisces brings in an ability to have energetic and magical connections. Pisces honors our dreams, the collective unconscious and how we feel connected without even actually touching each other. She is empathy, symbiosis and creating a network of good vibes. She is a rainbow that reaches to include everyone in magic.

This readings will follow the moon through your natal chart from New Moon to Full Moon and back again, covering roughly a month of time in the calendar. The New Moon asks us to set our intentions. Since the next New Moon will be the eclipse in Leo this is a very powerful time to do intention work. What do you want to change/revolutionize about your SELF and the world you live in? Tell the Moon what you can/will do to bring change because she loves to help! The Full Moon on August 7th in Aquarius asked us to reflect and release. She brings a time of deep thought, breakthroughs and letting go. These AstroMoon Cycle readings can assist you in creating very specific plans for using the Moon as a powerful tool, asset and guide in your life. The AstroMoon Cycle Reading in Virgo/Pisces is helpful to anyone but it is especially powerful if you have a planet or important Astro point in Virgo/Pisces in your natal chart. We will track the Astrology from August 22nd- September 21st.

The AstroMoon Cycle Reading in Virgo/Pisces is now available on my website. The space is limited and I imagine they will fill up fast. I will be listing all the upcoming seasons over the next few weeks too. If you have had at least a 30 minute reading from me (or if you know your chart well) you can select a reading for the seasons might have the biggest impact/potentials for you. If you haven't had at least a 30 minute from me I've added a Special Offer in the link. You can now add-on a 30 minute reading to the AstroMoon Cycle for only $17!!!

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***These readings are intended for returning clients or for folks who are already familiar with their natal charts. This allows us to spend more time focused on the transits and potentials in the cycle instead of going over what your natal placements could mean for you. Anyone can sign up but it's definitely going to be more impactful for returning clients who've had at least a 30 minute natal chart reading. Please take advantage of the $17 special add-on for a 30 minute reading today!

If you have any questions please reach out! If you need support during this Leo Season please reach out. Go have some fun, friends. Be silly. This season will pass, just as all seasons do, and try to remember: change is our friend. I love you so much and I hope to see you soon!

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