New Offerings: AstroMoon Cycle Readings Now Available

As we move closer to the Full Moon in Aquarius (exact tomorrow @ 11:11am) we may feel called to change what doesn't work, to revolutionize our communities, and to hopefully tap into what makes us unique! We also feel the Golden Heart of Leo calling us to Play, Dance and Create. This polarity is about the Self to Group and the Group to Self relationship. We must care fully for ourselves to care truly for the good of the world. Somethings may just change suddenly and we may be forced to sit with that change for a little while before we see the reason or the value of it. For some this time may not feel like a whole lot of fun but I promise you something good is in there, somewhere.

"Astrology could be described as a detailed study of individuality. Astrological remediation could be understood as an endlessly fascinating journey into highly individualized healing methods" ~Andrea Gertz from Astrological Remediation, A Guide for the Modern Practitioner (and my personal AstroBible!) We cannot remove the planetary energies in our natal charts nor can we stop the planets from spinning around and impacting us in the Universe. We can work to manage our reactions and behaviors, we can develop practices that ease our discomfort and we can reach out to others for support. This is why I love Astrology so much and that is why I developed this new offering to help you learn the best way for you to do that.

The next season is Virgo. The polarity of Virgo is Pisces. Because of this intense Leo Season we actually will not have a New Moon in Virgo; instead the eclipse is another Leo New Moon. (yet another reason this Leo Season is powerful and unique!). It is important that we still give some energy to Virgo just after the New Moon/Eclipse occurs because we are learning so much about how to love ourselves and how to love EVERYONE ELSE and Virgo will want to take a good look at this new information. She is in charge of judgment, practicality, clarity, and digestion. She wants to decide what is good for us and what is not. She can also help us start to organize this new information so we can prepare to build new systems that help us do better. Her polarity with Pisces is called, "Enlightened Service" because the shared energy is about how we are in service to each other. Pisces brings in an ability to have an energetic and magical connections. Pisces honors our dreams, the collective unconscious and how we feel connected without even actually touching each other. She is empathy, symbiosis and creating a network of good vibes. She is a rainbow that reaches to include everyone in magic.

In honor of Leo Season's intensity I've created AstroMoon Cycle Readings to help my clients prepare for the upcoming AstroEnergies the moon can bring during their cycles. This readings will follow the moon through your natal chart from New Moon to Full Moon and back again, covering roughly a month of time in the calendar. The New Moon asks us to set our intentions. Since the next New Moon will be the eclipse in Leo this is a very powerful time to do intention work. What do you want to change/revolutionize about your SELF and the world you live in? Tell the Moon what you can/will do to bring change because she loves to help! The Full Moon tomorrow in Aquarius asks us to reflect and release. She brings a time of deep thought, rest and letting go. These AstroMoon Cycle readings can assist you in creating very specific plans for using the Moon as a powerful tool, asset and guide in your life. The AstroMoon Cycle Reading in Virgo/Pisces is helpful to anyone but it is especially powerful if you have a planet or important Astro point in Virgo/Pisces in your natal chart. We will track the Astrology from August 22nd- September 21st.

The AstroMoon Cycle Reading in Virgo/Pisces is now available on my website. The space is limited and I imagine they will fill up fast. I will be listing all the upcoming seasons over the next few weeks too. If you have had at least a 30 minute reading from me (or if you know your chart well) you can select a reading for the seasons might have the biggest impact/potentials for you. The purpose of this reading is to create very personal rituals or practices that you can use to remediate, transmute or magnify a potential in your natal chart. Click Here to book a reading!

***These readings are intended for returning clients or for folks who are already familiar with their natal charts. This allows us to spend more time focused on the transits and potentials in the cycle instead of going over what your natal placements could mean for you. Anyone can sign up but it's definitely going to be more impactful for returning clients who've had at least a 30 minute natal chart reading. You can visit my website to schedule a 30 minute reading, then book a Virgo/Pisces reading directly after.

If you have any questions please reach out! If you need support during this Leo Season please reach out. Go have some fun, friends. Be silly. This season will pass, just as all seasons do, and try to remember: change is our friend. I love you so much and I hope to see you soon!

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