DIGITAL | square sticker | SAGITTARIUS SUN | leo moon

DIGITAL | square sticker | SAGITTARIUS SUN | leo moon

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The MoonScopes for a Sagittarius Sun, Leo Moon Lunation:

Life is an adventure and there better be a big party happening when we get wherever we're going. If this lunation is activated then a party is all but guaranteed. These two Fire Signs bring the fun, adventure, and flare to everything. There will likely be good fashion and fabulous hair involved in everything they do too. We can use this lunation to really think about our leadership skills. Are we leading with a compassionate heart? Are we considering the needs of the collective or is our WeRK self-focused and narcissistic? It's easy to get caught up in the Shadow Self in this culture and when these two lights come together we can see into the space where our own heart overlaps with the collective heart. Sagittarius always invites us into philosophical conversations about the spirit of it all and Leo is always holding on to the heart of every matter. Together they ask us, what is good for the heart, the head, and the spirit. All three are imperative for making good decisions and for being the good leaders the future needs. If you're looking for ways to connect to a liberated heart AND mind this is a great lunation to study leadership thru a more spiritual or cosmic lens. And that's not to say that you need more "white new age spiritual industrial complex" guidance but that we all need to find our True Hearts so we can connect them with the Collective Heart. This can be challenging WeRK after we've been programmed with "self first, self reliance, self motivation" mindsets over collective WeRK... BUT that is why we need to reclaim the connection between the self and the group, because we are all leaders and as soon as we remember that we're finally going to be able to take the first steps towards a true revolution. 



It’s SAGITTARIUS SZN!Do you need the perfect gift for your SAGITTARIUS Sun, Leo Moon Friend?

This image embodies their Sun & Moon Signs (The Lunation they were born under) perfectly, especially for THIS year  Ultimately this is an illustration of what their solar & lunar returns look like now.

I digitally create & draw each of these designs for every Sun Season. Carefully considering all the other Planetary Transits that are happening when this Lunation will occur too. I bet it will really resonate with your friend OR with YOU if you’re a match.

Of course, you can always buy this sticker for your SELF cuz it’s purdee too!

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