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Digital PDF of the planetary WeRKsheets for the SweetAstro WeRKbook 2023


PLEASE NOTE: This content is intended for PAID MEMBERS of the Threshold Pathway and not the public. If you're not a member of the Threshold Pathway you do not have permission to download this content and doing so could result in legal actions being taken against you. These downloads are part of the Threshold Community Content offerings and are covered by all my current copyrights and securities. I appreciate your integrity and intention with this content. If you're a Threshold Pathway Member please note that you are not allowed to share this content with anyone outside of the Threshold Pathway. However, some sharing on social media is allowed as long as you site @AstroArtistry in all your posts. Please be aware of what you're showing online as not to share too much of the content online. I really, really appreciate your support... 

Happy downloading!