MEMBERSHIPS | mapping your waypath
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MEMBERSHIPS | mapping your waypath

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Are you ready to go deeply into the Dark in order to find your way to YOUR Light? 

There is a map of your path printed on you by the planets and stars. This imprint happened when you were born and spirals out around you endlessly. This map is trying to guide you but it's challenging in this culture.

Astrology, Art & Witch Craft offer Magical Gifts and Tools for us to find our way. The powers of patriarchy and capitalism have wOrked hard to destroy these connections; it's tried to severe the threads of our birthright.

But the Magic is rising up. We are being called to return. This call is coming from the Dark Moon and Dark Sun and The Underneath and The Shadow. 

If you have felt like something was calling you then this personalized, 13 month, process-based WeRKshop might be for you.


Booking opens on 12/21/2021.

Booking closes on 12/30/2021. 

The journey officially begins on January 18th, 2022.

The window is short and fast because this journey is for those being called. 


Are you ready? Purchase one of the SEVEN spots before 12/30/2021.


What's included?

Much of this thirteen-month-long (12 Sun Seasons) process will be designed with your Birth Chart, your Timelord, and your most important goals in mind.

There will be too many resources available, but you won't need them all. We will discover your Magical Gifts and Tools and then we will use them.

You will be guided by me, but ultimately you are Mapping Your Waypath. 

Everyone will receive: 

  • One /1/ 90-minute introductory Natal Chart Reading (yes, even Returning Clients)
  • Twelve /12/ 90-minute Astrology Readings (one per Sun Season)
  • Three /3/ 30-minute Check-In Astrology Readings (used as needed, per availability)
  • 12/ 90-minute group Q&A Sessions with the other members (via Zoom)

Everyone may have access to, based on your needs & wants for this journey: 

  • Access to private group Circle, The Waypath, in the ComMOONity NetWeRK. 
  • A printable WeRKbook with customized WeRKbooks for your journey (can be preprinted and sent to you also)
  • A Custom Designed Blank Journal for each Sun Season
  • Access to the ComMOONity NetWeRK WeRKshops best suited for your journey
  • Access to the Astro101 WeRKshop (in the ComMOONity NetWeRk)
  • Access to FIVE Moon Rituals for each Sun Season (so, 60 Moon Timed Rituals)
  • An AstroPortrait of your Natal Chart
  • Many special bonuses and gifts based on what you need for your journey


During this process, you will learn the basics of Astrology as it relates to you and your chart. You will learn about YOUR Magical Gifts and Tools AND how to use them. We will use Art, creativity, divination, and Imagination to set goals, let go of blocks, build new foundations and draw your map. 


Once your payment is made you will receive an email laying out the next steps. 

Before you complete this purchase it would be wise to look at your calendar and plan out the times you have available for this journey. I recommend a minimum of 3-5 hours/week of WeRK time. 

You will get out of this process what you put into it. This 3-5 hours/ week includes making time for the 90 minute/monthly sessions, the check-in appointments, the WeRKshops (which will vary based on your needs), and the group Q&A sessions (optional but delight-filled).

This process will require you to do a lot of WeRK. I will be here with you the whole time. 

The intention of this process is to make YOUR Waypath WeRK part of your everyday lifestyle so it will benefit all of us if you make sure you're ready to make this commitment. This process will also rewire your brain and your life so enter this journey open and ready to embrace change. 

You will be making scheduled appointments for the entirety of 2022 and rescheduling options will be limited. These commitments are important. 


There will be NO REFUNDS AFTER January 18th, 2022. 

*Limited payment arrangements are available also. Please reach out if you need a different path to payments.