JUST BE BLOCK | all day every day
JUST BE BLOCK | all day every day

JUST BE BLOCK | all day every day

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Just Be Blocks are made using my Serendipity Process. This process never wastes materials or supplies. These blocks are upcycled scraps of wood, old blocks, or recycled bits hand-painted in a cycle with all my other paintings until a beautiful range of colors or textures appear. Once the background is done I handwrite my favorite phrases or words on the blocks.

Each Just Be Block is handmade HOWEVER the one you receive may not look exactly like the one pictured. I don't keep large inventories so sometimes new blocks are made when orders come in.

Please allow 5-7 days for delivery**

*HollerDAZE shipping issues may occur, please make sure you have enough time buffered into that. I am not responsible for shipping carrier issues. I use USPS at this time. 

During the HollerDAZE I may only have the pictured block available. 

 Size: 6" x .75" x .75" (pictured) is available

Shipping & Handling is NOT included in this price.