CREATURE | Treasure Troll : Asriel
CREATURE | Treasure Troll : Asriel

CREATURE | Treasure Troll : Asriel

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My Name is Asriel &

I am a Treasure Troll. I have a secret pocket where you can hide small trinkets, secret notes, a wish & lost teeth* (if you wanna add the tooth fae package I can keep your teeth safe until the Tooth Fae comes AND I'll hold your money until you wake up!) 

These are not toys for kiddos under 3 years old. 

These are my babies. I am a Creature Factory. I make these with my inner child. I make these to express a feeling & to cast a Joy Spell. These have stories to tell you. They think you are perfect just as you are. These have secrets & they keep your secrets. They have pockets for those secrets OR for your lost teeth & treasures. 

All my creatures are made from upcycled or donated fabric. I hand stitch each creature with all my love. These are pieces of art. 

Each comes with care instructions, a materials list & some fun surprises you'll only see when you adopt one. 

*FOR THE LITTLE TEETH: If you want to order one of these for your small human who is currently losing teeth please select the Tooth Fae Package option. This includes the little stuffed tooth (pictured but not included) & ten teeny tiny special notes from the tooth fae. I make these little notes on paper & shirinke dinks so you can leave them with any other prizes you give for lost teeth. They will have your child's name on them so please fill out the form with your order IF you buy the Tooth Fae Package. (Add $25) 

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