These super fun earrings are made using Shrinkable Plastic (aka: Shrinky Dinks) are available in color themes of the elements. Hand drawn art that captures the vibe of the elements is added to each pair which is hand cut and assembled by hand. Select from Earth, Air, Fire (pictured) Water & Metal.  You can select metal color and type. *NOT MADE WITH REAL GOLD OR SILVER. These are just the finish names.  I have a special finding for folks with plugs. A chain that goes through the plug and connects with a clasp. Please select this option if you have plugs. If you have standard pierced ears please select the standard findings below.

Shrinkie Earrings: Three Times Three, Element Themes

Zodiac Sign
Metal Finish
Finding for Plugs
  • Yay! You want to order art made from Shrinkies! 

    What are Shrinkies? This is an art material also known as Shrinky Dinks which were made popular in the mid to late 70's. It's actually #6 plastic and when it's cooked at a low temp it shrinks keeping the drawings to scale as it get's smaller. This process leaves behind a very detailed, tiny version of the orignail art. I try to use recycled #6 plastic as much as possible in my work. 



    This plastic is durable and will last forever IF you take care of it properly. Please note these care instructions and my repair/replace policy for your item.


    1. Never wear your jewelry to bed.
    2. Never wear your jewelry to shower, bath or swim.
    3. Never wear your jewelry during extreme physical activity and be aware of it when you're doing things that might expose your jewelry to extra pressure or force.
    4. Never leave your jewerly in the direct sun light or exteme heat.


    This jewelry can and will fade, melt, snap or break if exposed to the above things. Sometimes this jewelry will just snap because of a fault in the handmade process. For this reason I offer a Three Year, Limited Warrenty on all my Shrinkies. 


    I will remake and replace my Shrinkie Jewelry if: 

    • You can send me the broken pieces (so I can copy patterns, text and theme)
    • It's within three years of the original purchase.


    I offer this warrenty for TWO repairs only. First repair/replace is a $5 shipping and handling fee. Second repair/replace is FREE shipping & handling.  Earrings will not be replaced or repaired for FREE due to changes in the metal finish, however I can repair/replace the findings for a $5 fee (plus S&H). Contact me for details.


    You are agreeing to this policy when you make your purchase. Thanks! 

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