Magic Mooning is a Zine Download for tracking the Moon and how it lights up your life by drawing down the magic in your Natal/Birth Chart. In Astrology the Moon represents our feelings, emotions, reactions, and how we relate to others. It also shows us how we nourish and are nourished. It is our instincts and our intuition. When the Moon moves through it's monthly phases the amount and quality of Sunlight it reflects back to us can impact how we feel, relate and react.


This zine shows all eight Moon Phases: New, Crescents, Gibbous, Quarter & Full. This can help you plan for these different vibes and show how YOU are specifically sensitive to the Moon. This zine also adds in the flavor of the Zodiacal Elements and Signs for further exploration and tracking of your Moon Cycles.


The goal is to use this Zine's Moon Calendar to forecast how the moon may be impacting you. The best way to use this is to take simple notes about how you feel: mentally, physically, emotionally and otherwise, throughout this cycle. Don't make it complicated or complex. A simple note can be made on the inside of the Zine: 2pm on Saturday 3/12 I felt very happy. I had butterflies in my stomach. OR I cried all day and my kids were very wild. These notes are meant to help you in the future when you look back on having a similar feeling or reaction. Often you'll find the Moon is in the same element and/or sign as last time. As we apply this to our own birth chart we also find that we are often having a transit to the planets in our chart when we are altered or feeling the feels. Eventually this allows us to begin to prepare for these times. We can start to remediate the bumps and make the best use of the days we feel swell. This is especially helpful as we begin to see patterns in our family and friends. Whew! Save yourself that day when you kids are bouncing or your co-worker is spicy by taking a day off and going to the amusement park. Let the kids jump and the co-worker be alone. It's not magic it's just paying attention (... and it's magic!). 


This takes practice. It's a process you must commit to. If you find you're feeling overwhelmed or confused reach out. This isn't for everyone. I have plenty of clients who just want me to tell them the days that that might be bumpy. Either way is the right way as long as it works for you.


PLEASE NOTE: the instructional video for the Zine is HERE in the store. Watch it now or come back to it after you've printed your zine. The video also includes instructions on how to fold and cut you zine to create a handy, pocket-sized booklet. You'll recieve your Magic Mooning Zine download via email but the video is not included there. This works best using a computer. This download is a printable PDF.  


As always, contact me with questions. Love to love you boo! ~Dianna

MAGIC MOONING ZINE: Cancer Season 2020

  • This download is a printable PDF. 

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