Upcycled wooden blocks that are hand painted using my Serendipity Process. 

Chose a color scheme (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Rainbow, Monochrome or Custom) 

Add a hand painted word or phrase of your very own. This price includes TWO words per block. Each block can be customized individually.  


Decide if you want each block finished with gloss or matte coating making them perfect for display. 


They are a perfect reminder to 'breathe' or to 'just be now'. What is your mantra word?  Just Be Blocks can be placed on a night stand or a book shelf as a daily affirmation. Create a one-of-a-kind token of affection or congratulation for the perfect gift.


This price includes a SET OF THREE BLOCKS! 


Unique for any occasion. Perfect as gifts for employees, sales teams and as thank you's!  



This form will be emailed to you once your order is complete. 

Just Be Block [SET of Three]

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