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Lunar Eclipse Tips: Leo Full Moon 2019

🌙L U N A R ECLIPSE T I P S 🌝 ★stay inside-don’t charge objects in Eclipse Moonlight (unless you want to use that object for a banishment spell) ★take a magical salt bath /cleanse your objects indoors w/ salt, smoke or sprays ★let go of unwanted physical objects, items & tools ★reflect on the larger Leo Moon cycles ie; the last 6 , 12 & 18 months are part of a larger eclipse process ★look at your Leo/Aquarius house themes-what’s up for you here? ★release what is no longer meant for you in these themes ★use fire to let go if you can (write down your releases & carefully burn the paper) Join my SweetAstro Facebook group for even more Eclipse Tips!!! (Link in Bio or search Sweet Astro in groups. Happy Magic Mooning!

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