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This page is dedicated to sharing 'how to' videos, additional tools, and tips designed to help you navigate the SweetAstro WeRKbook. If you have ANY questions or need additional support, please reach out at the contact info below! 


Prerecorded How To Videos:

The videos are posted in the same order as the sections in the WeRkbook. Any corresponding additional tools, WeRKsheets, downloadable PDFs, and special tips included in a video will be posted under the video header. If you need help finding any content please reach out. 




A general overview of how to get started, what you'll need in the process, and some FAQ's.  Remember this is still a BETA TESTING PROCESS so things may change as we move thru this together, but there is lots of helpful info to reflect on here. 




First thing to address: 

There are a few versions of the SECOND EDITION WeRKbook....why? Well, because I made some errors AND some of you were so fast to order they didn't get caught before then. Sorry AND Yay for BETA Tests. 

You'll see some of the videos were made as just the SECOND EDITION (version I call that 2.0 below) and some with the 2.1 or 2.2 version (I didn't make any 2.1 videos but the page numbers are the same as 2.2).

The important content is basically the same, it was mostly formatting and editing errors BUT if you have a 2.1 version I owe you the AstroAlgebra flashcards which were formatted incorrectly and GlyphWOmanship WeRKsheets which were left out of the first version by mistake.

This version issue is not a huge deal for the overall content BUT it makes the page numbers different for the purpose of pointing to where to look in the WeRKbooks as you watch the videos. I've tried to address this in each section below so make sure you read that before you click the video link.

There are always photos of the pages so if you have any questions about where to find these pages let me know. Thanks for your BETA patience. :) 

How can I tell if I have a 2.0, 2.1, or 2.2? 

Open your WeRKbooks to the third page, aka: the title page, and you'll see it here: 






Let's take a look at Pages 1-12 ( in version 2.0) Pages 1-24 (version 2.1, 2.2) | CLICK HERE

    1. Setting your inTENSIONS.
    2. Knowing your WHY.
    3. ShadowWeRK & Acknowledgements.
    4. Where to find the links to online content.
    5. *The GlyphWOmanship Pages are NOT in this video... Click here for that Video. 
    6. What & Why are the AstroAlgebra Flash Cards
    7. Update your Keyword List often

Let's take a look at Pages 13-25 ( in version 2.0) Pages 25-29 (version 2.1, 2.2) | CLICK HERE

    1. Why Draw Your Chart
    2. How to Cast Your Chart, Resources & Apps
    3. Why Whole Sign Houses
    4. AstroAlgebra & AstroGeometry (Aspects)

Let's take a look at Pages 26-35 ( in version 2.0) Pages 30-36 (version 2.1, 2.2) | CLICK HERE

    1. Tracking Transits
    2. Planetary Rulerships
    3. Annual Profections (The Timelord)
    4. Learning the Glyphs





Here we'll breakdown each section of the journal pages. I reference the page numbers but remember the following pages repeat in cycles. The book you're holding is for a whole Quarter of the year. It covers journal pages for Three Sun Seasons. I only created generalized instructions here. You'll want to engage with the Quarterly, Seasonal, and Weekly content I create live as we move thru the year. If you can't find instructions on a page in the WeRKbook OR if you have additional questions, please reach out. 



Let's Prepare For The Quarter Ahead...

pages 36-37 ( in version 2.0) Pages 40-41 (version 2.1, 2.2)

    • Setting Quarterly Goals
      • Take some time to set Quarterly Goals each time you start a new WeRKbook.
      • How to "DO" This:
        • Think about this Quarter of your chart. What Houses will be covered during these three Sun Seasons? What parts of your life will be activated? Which Planets? What WeRK do you want to do in these areas? How can the Astro of these Seasons assist you?
        • Create a Goal for the overall Quarter (all three Sun Seasons/Months combined). What will you complete, learn, do during this part of the cycle? Be succinct. Think in a simple, general way that can easily be reviewed as you move thru this Quarter.  
        • *You can either write goals for all three Sun Seasons in advance or at the beginning of each Sun Season, follow your intuition here. 


    • Reviewing Quarterly Goals
      • At the end of each Sun Season (at the minimum) come back and review your goals.
      • How to "DO" This: 
        • Read what you wrote at the beginning of the Quarter or Sun Season (or both). Consider how this process is going. Notice how you feel about it. What are you proud of, upset by, confused by. What are you curious about. Make edits. Laugh at your SELF. See how things are actually playing out IRL and make notes here so you can learn more and more about how to get what you want/need to align with what's actually going to happen for you. Review is the key to finding your patterns and flow. Put in the time. 


    Watch The How To WeRK on The Quarter Ahead Video for next steps.



      Let's prepare for The Sun Season Ahead

      Pages 38-41, 94-97, 162-165 ( in version 2.0) 

      Pages 42-45, 98-101, 166-169 (version 2.1, 2.2)

      How will you know which Sun Season is next? Here is a chart showing the dates and times of each Sun Season in 2023. Ideally you're following along with the live content being created online but you can also move thru this WeRKbook at your own pace. If you're looking for past Sun Seasons content, use the search bar on the website. 

      Once you've decided on the Sun Season you'll start with turn to page 38 to start. (You will repeat this process for the three Sun Seasons in the WeRKbook)


      What you'll need to gather before you start

      • You'll need the AstroAlgebra Flash Card for that Sun Season. You can cut out the one in the book at paste it here OR you can simply copy the info off the Flashcard into the matching section. (find these, pages 14-21( in version 2.0) Pages 17-24 (version 2.1, 2.2) in the WeRKbook)
      • You'll also need to be able to look at your chart so either flip back to page 22 ( in version 2.0) page 17 (version 2.1, 2.2) or pull up your chart online. 
      • You'll need to pull up the blog post for that Sun Season (which will be posted 5-7 days before the next Sun Season starts. You can search the site for that Sun Season -typically typed as SZN- OR go to the AstroAspects Blog and the most reason should be posted at the top of the list) OR you can use the Hub Page to search for that Sun Season's Hub page too. 
      • You'll need to visit the Moon Rituals page to find the info for this Sun Season's five Moon Rituals


      Watch The How To Prep for a Sun Season Video for next steps.

       Watch the BONUS Video for the Where The Planets Are This Season Page (pg 39 or 43)



      Let's prepare for The Week Ahead

      Pages 42-89, 98-157, 166-213 ( in version 2.0) 

      Pages 46-93, 102-161, 170-217 (version 2.1, 2.2) 


      What you'll need to gather before you start

      • You'll need to pull up the AstroWeathers | The Week Ahead post for the week ahead. These are typically posted each Friday but sometime not until Sunday (thanks for your patience!)


      Watch The How To Prep for the Week Ahead GENERALLY Video for next steps.

      Use the current video to complete the instructions in the above video AND watch the video attached to each AstroWeathers | The Week Ahead post for more current instructions for completing the weekly pages.




      Let's Review This Sun Season & Quarter To Date.

      Pages 90-93, 158-161, 214-217 ( in version 2.0) 

      Page 94-97, 162-165, 218-221 (version 2.1, 2.2) 

      There are also Quarterly Review/Index Note pages available from 218-221, if needed 


      What you'll need to gather before you start

      • Your WeRKbook and some time set aside for doing review WeRK.
      • Colored markers, pencils, highlighters, etc. for making notes & highlighting important info you notice. 


      Watch The How To Use The Review & Index Pages Video for next steps.



      Watch the video attached to each AstroWeathers | The Week Ahead post for real time instructions for completing the weekly pages.

      AND Watch the Live Q&A recordings for each Sun Season in the Sun Season HUBs for additional FAQs and tips.