New Client


These sessions are for folx who've never had a reading with me before.


All of my New Client offerings are INTUITIVE READINGS.


This means that you won't ask a lot of questions before your session; instead we will ask the planets and the Magic to tell us wtf is going on.


That doesn't mean you CANNOT ask questions, it means that most often, in my experience, that's not what we end up talking about once we cast the chart and enter the container.


You're ALWAYS welcome to ask questions if you have them; before, during or after a session.


You're encouraged to share your stories and curiosities as well. There is much the chart can't tell me but...


In the end, the Stars Know You Well. 

If you have questions please reach out.

IMPORTANT: If you don't know or have access to your birth time please contact me BEFORE you book a session. I can help with that. 

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