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I am so glad you've been called to connect with me.

As an Artist, Astrologer & Advocate I have many offerings to share. Sometimes, the process of selecting one of my offerings may be overwhelming. Please know that I am here to support you and I love questions. I developed this web page to help you understand ALL of the offerings I have. I hope it will help you choose the best services, products and/or workshops for you.

My offerings include:

  • Astrology Readings

  • Natal Chart Art Commissions

  • Astrology Case Studies & Research

  • Spell Casting

  • Altar & Talisman Crafting 

  • Ritual & Remediation Design

  • Moon Magic

  • Fine Art Commissions & Sales

  • Process Based Art Classes & Workshops

  • Handmade Crafts, Jewelry, and Gifts

  • Co-LABORATE Play Dates

Still not sure what you're looking for?

Please contact me with questions anytime here or call 503-446-4460. 

You will find details about ALL of my offerings below:


Please go here to schedule an AstroArtistry appointment.  

You can also select a FREE AstroIntro information session here.

This is helpful if you have questions about Astrology in general or how a reading can help you. 


Scheduling Astrology Readings & Ordering Natal Chart Art Instructions:  

  1. Have your Birth Data** ready BEFORE you book. You'll need:

    • Date of Birth

    • Time of Birth

    • Location of Birth

  2. Select the LENGTH OF TIME for your reading. 30, 60, 90 minutes.

  3. Select the LOCATION of your session. In Person/Online via Zoom.

  4. Select ADD ONs like Natal Chart Art or Pendants.

**If you don't have your birth data information I can very likely still prepare a reading for you but it can take more time to cast your chart. Please contact me BEFORE you schedule your session. Yes, these can be given as gifts without this information however the recipient will need to have access to this info. 


I offer a unique service using your Astrological Natal Chart (the chart of the planetary bodies in the sky when you were born) to create an art commission. This is a creative interpretation of your Natal Chart. It is also an Astrology Reading but in ART not words. This artwork is as unique as you are. You can see my Natal Chart Art Portfolio here. You can create a package that includes an Astrology Reading AND Natal Chart Art OR you can order just the Natal Chart Art. Both require us to schedule an appointment to discuss your chart. Book a session here.


If you have question about this process please book a FREE AstroIntro information session here.


My favorite part of Astrology is that no one person can ever know everything. This is an every changing and growing field of study and I adore being a perpetual student. I am also an actual student at the Portland School of Astrology​. In this program we create case studies through the year. I regularly seek participants for these case studies and for other research projects. If you're interested in learning more about this please contact me here


I am an Earth Based Magic Practitioner (aka: a big ol'witch, bitch). I've studied magic & spell casting for most of my life. I made this study official in 2018 when I became a student at Blue Iris Mystery School. I am fully committed to living my life as a magical act. Everything I do is rooted in magic. I cast spells for clients in alignment with my unique type of magic. This is often thread thru my Astrological work as well. Please contact me if you're interested in learning more. 


I offer custom designed & commissioned pieces for your altars. These are designed in collaboration with your magical needs. I do similar WeRK with personal talismans. These can be created through jewelry, pocket magic and more. Each pieces is completely unique and made in partnership with my client. Do you need to call more magic into you life? Altars and Talismans can help you focus. I also offer some magically charged art for sale in various locations. If you're interested in connecting to this magic, please contact me


I am available for ritual design. What is ritual design. It's a process, much like spell casting and altar building. In collaboration with my clients we design a ritual for a specific use or need using a combination of resources and techniques. Remediation design is similar but more specific to working within the Astrological Natal Chart or current Astrological Transits. 


I am a Cancer Rising. I am deeply in love with the Moon. I watch her constantly. All of my magical work is tethered to her. I offer a great deal of free content on my social media platforms and in my blogs. This work is always reflecting the Moon's magical beams. Each time the Moon changes Zodiac Signs (about every 2.5 days) I post about the Magic we can do using the elemental and Astrological vibes of that Moon. I also offer downloadable/printable zines that use the Moon and the Sun to help you live your best life. I am launching more of these tools in Spring 2019. Check out what's available now here. 



I am also a fine artist working in mixed media and upcycled materials. I can create commissioned art work for you or as a gift for someone. I specialize in using your personal items IN my work. Please click here to find out more about my fine art commissions & custom designs.


I offer my Process Based Art & Creativity Classes, Workshops and Group Sessions throughout the year. New classes are listed here.


If you've come to connect via the Impact Me Project and you have a question about these sessions, please contact me here. 


I have an inventory of handmade fine art, jewelry & gifts. Please visit my shoppe for fine art, jewelry & gifts currently available for sale.

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