MAGICmooning MoonScopes are a type of Horoscopes that centers The Moon rather than The Sun, as traditional Horoscopes do. My MoonScopes are focused on doing our inner WeRK rather than our outer WeRK while also encouraging you to look at YOUR Natal Chart for deeper directions & validation. They also help you better understand this complex language that is Astrology.


The Moon, in both Astrology and Magic, represents our intuition, emotions, & instincts. MoonScopes are a weekly guide that draws down the energy of the current Moon placements by highlighting it's Sign, Element, Mode, and Phase as useful, practical TOOLS for your WeRK.


These weekly guides also invite you to engage with your own Natal Chart. The best Horoscope can only be found IF you apply it to YOUR chart. These guides help you begin the journey of integration needed to truly understand this powerful map of YOU, you Unique Beast you!


Readers of MoonScopes are Babes who want to seek out Opportunities in all the AstroWeathers, even the shit ones. The purpose is to find what is most useful for us, both as a whole ComMOONity and as individuals.


Joining this ComMOONity connects you with other open-hearted Babes who want to make Astrology the center of their WeRK without losing touch with their Unique Magical Gifts and Tools. The Universe comes with an actual map and all we have to do is BELIEVE we have access to it -and- BOOM! The real WeRK begins. 


I also focus on the WHOLE cycle. We all need to become more balanced Shadow WeRKers actively using our creativity to change the world. We can no longer just be Light Workers manifesting our own destinies. That fuckery is what white supremacy has taught us all - that the "Light" is good and the "Shadow" is bad. This Universe so much more gorgeous than that and we have Night and Day for a good reason.


If you want to elevate your life, embracing Shadow WeRK via the Moon might be the fastest track. This ComMOONity is about invoking a balance thru a consistent practice that flows WITH the real cycle of Shadow AND Light.  


Together we fight against ALL forms of "othering" by acknowledging the ways that white supremacy and the patriarchy have tainted everything with a toxin. There is a mindset DISease in every human on Earth, caused by the poison of supremacist thinking, we can quickly become the antidote if we RElearn how to engage with The Moon (and via The Moon we engage with all the other planets each cycle/season). Once we can hear the songs of the Moon Cycles again we can get back on track.


MAGICmooning can help you:

  • Find YOUR purpose.

  • Align with YOUR Shadow.

  • Seek Opportunity within the Blocks & Bumps.

  • REconnect with your BirthRight, The Moon's Magic!  

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