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The first thing you should do is ask yourself if your loved one really wants to connect with Astrology. Not everyone does. I find sometimes Astrology scares people. That's okay with me but I don't want you to waste your money. Many Gift Certificates go unused. I wish I could call all the buyers & recipients to check in but I don't have time to do that so they sit and wait. 

If you really want to give someone a gift of astrology but you're not 100% sure they will want it I recommend getting them either a MiniReading OR an AstroSketch Fine Art Piece. These are less than $50 gifts that will allow them to dip their toes in this magical pool without a huge commitment. They will let you know they loved it and if you want to purchase additional sessions they will appreciate it AND if not, you can spend that money on something better... like a reading for yourself! 

Now, if you're certain these sessions are perfect for your precious loved one please follow these instructions. 

I apologize in advance for their complexity. I am working to simplify this process, but for now, this is what works with my system. If you have questions, please reach out. 

  1. Go to the Book Astrology Page to check out my all the offerings and to see what the cost are. (You'll be taken to a different webpage in Acuity Scheduling)

  2. Pick the item you want to give and note the cost.

  3. Go back to the Book Astrology Page. 

  4. Click the link to buy a gift certificate

  5. Order a certificate for that amount

  6. Enter your loved one's email address into the certificate and it will email them directly OR enter your email to have it sent to you. You can print out or forward the certificate to the recipient when you're ready.

  7. Each certificate has the instructions for scheduling their session printed on it. 

  8. Your loved one can order any item from my website with your certificate. They can buy something smaller or pay the difference to order something larger. 

If you have any issues or questions please reach out. I am ALWAYS happy to answer questions! 

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